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Witches Guest

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Added: Dec 11, 2003
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This is a piece I did of model Linda O'Neil as a witch who is expecting company for dinner.

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This is a beautiful piece of artwork. I only see two things that could possibly make it better. The arm on the right doesnt seem to have a crease in it for the elbow. A small bit of shading there wouldnt totally kill the effect of the simple figure. Oh and the bit of hair above her brow. It looks hastily put even if you didnt mean it to be. Maybe add a line or two to enhance it slightly but not take away from the figure? One last thing. The skirt on the left side seems slightly wrinkle-less. Adding one more wrinkle wont hurt it. Everything else is done in perfect breath taking detail. Its excellent!

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I think what you said to Lipták László was right, but I think there is a ton of detail. It is amazing. I love it, so keep up the good work.

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Thanks. I worked hard on planning the layout. Several other artists at the studio said I was insane (this piece is only 9X12). Looking at it now, I think they were right.

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Thanks. You'll have to ask her if you can come over though. Her URL is www.lindaoneil.com. Smile

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Thanks for the crit but I would have to disagree. If I added more detail to the hair I risk losing it among the woodgrain. Her dress is simple so there are no real details to add. Both of these are on purpose. Remember in highschool when they taught you to detail everything in the foreground and keep everything that is not important simple? This is exactly the opposite. I wanted to see if you could keep the subject simple and still draw the eye if it's in a room of detail. Notice the wall behind her. There are no shadows on the stones. This is intended to provide contrast with the detail so she is framed. Same as the window. In fact, everything from the pose to the placement of the scrolls, vials, books and shelves is designed to draw your eye around the piece and back to the element of less detail. The witch and her cauldron. Just because its not "accurate" doesn't mean it's not right. Part of being an artist is taking a chance and using artistic license. Otherwise we would all draw the same and what fun would there be in that.

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Nice pencil work. There are many nice details on this pic, and you did nice job with the lightings. I have only a minor problem. There are many details, but some details are missing... From her dress (her skirt is like a pipe), her arm and hair. So I think the room is near perfect, but the figure needs a little additional work. It is just an opinion, anyway your pic is really nice. Grats...

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Excellent pencil work, Lee! amazingly detailed and lovely shading, love your composition!

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Wow, how many details? It is just beautifully!!!! Do you think, I can also come to her Wink

Art at its best.