Gwaeron by adrielle


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Added: Apr 07, 2003
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kuk's picture

very nice job, i really like the style

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Teach me how to draw...

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thats a big axe he has its really cool
specialy the blood from the axe its NICE

adrielle's picture

Thanks so much! I did have a little trouble with the legs there, I kinda wanted to make them show out, but at the same time, wear these greaves that I wanted. Anyways, the boyish face was intentional. These were all done in the past year and let's see what my rusty hands can do in the next few months =)

adrielle's picture

Thanks Patrick, I've seen your art and they are incredible! Dont know if I should be drawing Drows too, but I think Ill be sticking to the Wheel of Time - still to addicted =)

Guest's picture

Pros: Great texture with the armor and axe. The background and border are also very good. The sleeves of the shirt work well too.

Cons: The face is the weakest part. I think you should do some life drawing and then use that knowledge to add some more detail to the face (It def. needs some of that dark shadow!). The head might need to be enlarged just a little to match the body as well. Finally, the pants seem to be a little "busy" with all the wrinkles. I think the technique you used on the shirt should be applied there.

Overall it's a great pic and I really want to another pic where he's wearing that awesome helmet.

Hope this helps
--dan (

megaflow's picture

Good drawing and a VERY dynamic layout. Sort of Gothic Manga style? Neat stuff!

Guest's picture

its dark, sinister armor and the face of a boy. very nice. border is very creative. im going into blacksmithing and the armor and axe are the style of work i'll be doing. I'll be watching for more of your work

Art at its best.