Forgotten by ghostwolf


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Added: Apr 27, 2005
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If I died tomorrow, would you ever notice?
If I turned out the lights tonight, would be able to see?
That just maybe my heart also bleeds?
That my anger is clenched in my fist?
And I so long to be set free...
Open my hand and let it all float away...
Would you care if I ever recovered?
Or would you look away like I'm already dead?
Is it something that ever fades?
Is it in all the things I never said?
I tried to show you how I only wanted to keep you safe
I've lost you and it feels like it's always going to be my fate
Am I always going to be afraid?
(will the light...)
but these are all the things,
(will my sight...)
I'll take to my grave.
(turn out tonight...?)

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Thank you!

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Always loves your art. Hope you keep updating. Seems to of been a long time since I could browse through this gallery, and I've found new piccies!! Laughing out loud

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Too cool. I love it.

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I am very intrigued by this piece. I cant really put my finger on the meaning of the cloaked figure in the back...
Other than that, the artwork and poetry are incredible. You have one hell of a gift!
Att., -Cuco

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It's beautiful but all your poems are really sad, they make me want to cry.

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Bolth of the versions are exellent,but my favor leans to this peice.Good work,man

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They hooded guy in the background is given me the bajeebees! eeek! *runs away sceaming that your artwork is beautiful*

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yeah i agree, really great work Eric. Very unique piece, with strange textures ^^.

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Nice piece!

Art at its best.