Charred meadows by ghostwolf

Charred meadows

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Added: Dec 13, 2005
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It always rains here
Somehow, I find myself drifting back home
It seems I could never run far enough away from my fear
and every path leads me back to you
Would you welcome me with open arms?
or would you deny my friendship again?
Would you find it in your heart to forgive?
Or would have I wasted my breath again?
There is something that surely feels unfinished, dearest friend...
as incomplete as time itself.
Might you remember who I am?
or might you prentend we've never met?
Might we overcome our mistakes?
or might we pass eachother by like strangers on the street?
Looking forward,
...I only want to turn back...
I feel so unwelcomed here
...I blamed you for so long...
and it always rains here
Must we ignore the words that should be said?
or must we discover how pathetic we really are?
Must we go on wishing things hadn't turned out this way?
or must we never even bother...?
I didn't want to return to this place again
I've spent my life running from here
but I find myself swayed back in your direction
Would I do everything I could to make things right?
Surely, I would...
Might I make the same mistakes again?
I just might...
but must I let my pride get in the way of how I feel?
I really couldn't...
and I mustn't...

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Guest's picture

That scarecrow would make such an awesome game character.

kizalon's picture

very good.. would make an excellent illustration for a storybook =)

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Such a beautiful poem! The picture is so sad. It's really expressive.

Guest's picture

A really cool new piece to your collection. Patter

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Hi love your art work the landwork is great to see good art work ... I was woundering how would you image cerberus. see is my favorite mistic creature ... this scarecrow is a mind player....

kuk's picture

very cool

mythmaker's picture

Nice work! - I really like your style Smile
I think this would work better if you had more contrast between the figure and the background though.

Guest's picture

Despite how much I dislike folks posting poetry along with their pictures, this image is fantastic and fun. A lot of color use despite an immediately restrictive theme, which is impressive. And the scarecrow - at least, I think that's a scarecrow - is deliciously creepy, he'd make a good villain for . . I don't know. A cartoon horror movie. Tongue Good work!

Art at its best.