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Added: Dec 27, 2007
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Artwork Description

Do you know what it's like to walk the uncertain path?
That lonely trail to border of delirium,
but I know I'm never alone.
Over my shoulder,
In the corner of my eyes,
as I blink,
through my periphery,
and over my shoulder...
They haunt every footstep.
They taunt every thought.
They feed off of every fear.
And they relish in every regret.
They will follow me to the very edge,
and push me over when I finally get there.
There is no compassion in this companionship.
Do you know what it's like?
This isn't just art my friend.
This isn't just something for you to scruntinize.
Take your critical eyes and look closer.
It's an expression.
It's a window in the thoughts of a troubled mind.
It isn't just something you hang on the wall.
It's a cry for help.
Every line, every stroke,
Every color blended together with passion.
And it's just a cry for help.
These hands don't control the imagery it creates as they prented they do.
The reality is this mind runs rampant,
and they follow every step.
I am that little boy.
I am trapped eternally in this frame, hung on the wall for you to enjoy.
And they whisper over my shoulder...
"You'll never be good enough."
"Remember kid, you're pathetic."
"They never loved you."
"Even your Father didn't love you enough to stay."
"They all know you're a loser, so why don't you get it?"
"Boy, just what are you fishing for?"
...Go on and beg...
This is just a cry...
and it's just a cry for help!

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carles's picture

Wonderful piece indeed. Hard to guess that it is digital.

kizalon's picture

you know I almost cried while reading the description.. Magnificent work with a lot of heart. Wonderful =)

rita's picture

First moment I thought it's watercolor - well done!

Art at its best.