Boy, overcome by ghostwolf

Boy, overcome

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Added: Feb 13, 2011
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Tired of wandering I took a moment to rest.
I tried to find comfort in this vast, open space,
illusive as my own peace of mind.
Surveying the clouds like the child I was so long ago,
I almost willed them to paint me a picture.
As I began to feel they too were as unreliable as everything else in my life,
a deliberate wind danced like a brush in the sky,
revealing what I guess it felt I needed to see.
I never really understood the need to visualize this kind of cryptic fantasy,
because I was so tired of everyone and their affinity for an inspiring metaphor,
but losing myself in the skyline something resonated in my head,
a voice,
an unfamiliar voice, it said:
"Boy, overcome"
As if the very answer that I didn't know I was looking for suddenly found ME,
I turned to my own metaphorical demon,
my only loyal companion.
and quizzically it caught my eye
I said what I needed to say,
what I should have said a long time ago,
when I was lost in another lifetime.
It nodded in a sullen understanding...
and it vanished.

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