Watch up! by kisu-ayla

Watch up!

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Added: Apr 07, 2003
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Again a Painter Classic -CG.. I lovve painter!! ^__^

and i wanted to practise this perspective... please ignore thos arm.. I´ll do it better next time, i promise :>

well, hope u like it!!^_^

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Judith, mal ehrlich: Deine bilder sind sooo geil, ich könnt sie den ganzen Tag anschauen!!

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it relly reminds me of ff 10. did you play that game? the glittery things remind me of stuff from ff10.

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The perspective would've been perfect if the right forearm/hand doesn't look so weird. I just don't quite follow it. Either a good foreshortening effect or resizing?

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*cry* and you wanted to keep it secret for me? *upset* Oh my, you're becomming better and better....u really made the perspective! i'm not sure if everythings' asbolutely perfect, because her right forearm looks a little too short, but her dress is soooooo awesome! i love the amtosphere....lokks like in a dream....don't know what to's just great....

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are the hands suppost to be so big?

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Ich dachte mir, ich schreib dir nochmal schnell einen Kommentar Smile
Bis auf den schon erwähnten Arm, find ich das Bild absolut umwerfend! du bist wirklich eine Meisterin in Sachen Colo und Charadesign *__*
die Farben passen auch super zusammen ^__^ *daumen hoch*

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color is so nice :¡ð

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hui, so viele liebe a nimexxler hier, da fühlt man sich ja doch gleich wieder wohler ^__^

danke für dein kommentar, k3k5 ^^
ichs chau mir auch gleich mal deine gallery an ^__^

Guest's picture wow wow...Allein schon die perspektive ist genial O_o Und dann wieder siese herrliche colo und das geniale Charakterdesign..wirklich wahnsinn ^^..und dieser krasse Hintergrudn..die Lichter wirken sowas von genial ^^
Waah..hab mir jetzt auch Painter Clsssic zugelegt aber komm noch garnet mit klar XD aber egal..wird schon ^^
Also: Bild ist gewohnt aller erste Sahne, ich hoff man erwischt sich nochmal bei ICQ oder so ^^ naja spätestens am 17. Mai sieht man sich Wink

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Ich denk mal, des macht etz nix, wenn ich da etz auf deutsch was hinschreib'. Da bin ich halt doch schneller mitm Schreiben.

Muss ich mal wieder sagen, deine Art, wie du Farben und Farbkombinationen einsetzt, ist einfach bewundernswert! Wirklich klasse! Über den Fehler mit dem Arm kann man hinwegsehen, die Perspektive ist ziemlich schwer imho. Ich mag diese futuristischen Schuhansätze oder was das da unten bei den Knöcheln is Laughing out loud

(btw. bin jetzt auch bei epilogue. Da is der Frustfaktor wg. den genialen Bildern höher *lol*)

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u got jus the right style keep it up

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you mastered all the techniques and learnt how to draw all the body parts correctly EXCEPT the shoulders and arms. its really easy if you concentrate on it. btw, gud work! your work is really great!

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^^ Its greate, linke all your pictures ^^ And I love the colours.

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thanks, marika. well, i really hav no time to draw, but i cannot learn day by day, hour by hour - i need some breaks. I become very depressive, if i find no time to draw :>

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thanks, kenji :>

I´ll practise drawing arms, I´ll practise, I´ll practise!
it´s important for me to draw many different perspectives, i think, drawing only frontal views will become very boring for the recipient ^^

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the colo. is just great... O.o nice and difficult perspective... ok,the arm looks really not good..XD but I think you will manage this ,too. ^^' wah,but its so cool....I thought you haven#t got time to draw pics... I hope you get soon painter 7...

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Aaaaah,like I said before a briliiant picture!But like you said the perspective didn't work out too well,but let's put it this way,the legs are really great but the arms,well you knooooooooow..........
Anyway love this picture,especially her hair!It's so gorgeous!!!And fluffy!
Really,great job!Keep up the good work!

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@jennifer: thanks a lot for your very good tip.. i understand- and you´re right! next time i´ll do it better!^__________^

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Well, I like the coloring, but the foreshortening on the right arm didn't work out too well, unless she's just supposed to have a really oddly proportioned arm (I think you were going for foreshortening b/c the leg is foreshortened.) If you were to make the red straps that are wrapped around the wrist/ forearm curve in more of a semi-circle back towards the shoulder it would look better (that doesn't make too much sense ^_^;;;)

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Soooooo neato! Very Final fantasy. I luv ur coloring ^_^

Art at its best.