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Chang - O

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The Chinese lunar goddess. From the book Celestial Goddesses.

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Hi--Thanks for pointing this out. Although you are not wrong, neither am I. There are different variants to this myth and the names associated with it. Yes, I have read that Chang E was a fairy, but as Chang O, she is described as a goddess. I derived my research from sound academic sources (LaRousse, Cotterwell etc.)The full description appears in my book. If you do some research on both names (just type them in google), you will identify strong parallels between the goddess and fairy intreprations. I enjoyed your e-mail. Thanks for the input. I'm sure your particular rendition was beautiful.

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Sorry, just wanted to make a small clarification. Chang E is not the Lunar Goddess but the Fairy of the Moon. She was married Hou Yi (one time hero, later a tyrant who wanted eternal life) and she drank the elixir of longevity, which apparently was stored in an egg shaped vessel.

No mortal is allowed to drink the elixir and when she drank it, she became weightless, like a wraith and floated up to the moon where she resides to this day.

I once painted Chang E on a batik and drew Hou Yi trying to shoot the moon down with the last arrow which was taken from him before he could shoot all the suns down. The myths of the Mooncake Festival have always been my faves.

Love the colours you used. Look forward to seeing more.

lisahunt's picture

Watercolor goddess? Oh my--thank you, Mathew. I hardly think so, but that was sweet of you to say. Chang-O is holding a glass bottle containing the elixir of eternal life--symbolic of fertility and the cycle of life exemplifed by the phases of the moon.

matthewart's picture

I can really apprectiate the time and care you put into your watercolor work. fantastic costume, mysterious craters, and I wonder what that she's cradeling? EGG? Crystal? ... I like how the stary sky bleeds into her robes.

josephine's picture

Beautiful costume and colours! The colour effect on the sphere is so real.

lisahunt's picture

Thanks so much. The moon was particularly fun and a nice relief after the labor intensive elements of her costume.

lisahunt's picture

The designs on her costume took me a while! Watercolors can be time consuming, but it is my soul medium.

hunterhayley's picture

Once again Lisa, more beautiful art. I can't get over how well you work with watercolors, and the details are awesome.

djinn's picture

Beautiful details. The moon background is lovely.

kyrn's picture

gorgeous costume!

Art at its best.