Yasu no Shiryo by lisahunt

Yasu no Shiryo

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 04, 2004
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Phoenix Clan Ancestor for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG.

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i like lol

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I greatly appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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Oh well I am not an artist, I simply enjoy good draws, and I can say that I feel quite hard to agree that Lisa´s work is boring. Most of all her works for AEG and mainly for L5R are wonderfull, no one paints the Ancestors so well as she.
Tough I must also say that a bit more of color on them can work, sometimes they get lost in the whole picture.
Any opinion is as valid as the other. We all see things from different points of view.
May the muses keep inspiring you Lisa.

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The wonderful thing about Epilogue is that it represents such a diversity of artists. Not everyone is going to like every piece that an artist showcases. It is subjective, but it is great fun and it allows all of us to participate in the art community via critiques and comments. I appreciate all the comments made about my work, good or bad. I can say this though: My work stems from what resonates in my soul. I'm not trying to be a prolific artist--I'm just following my heart and allowing the muses to manifest themselves on the watercolor paper. That's what it is all about for me.If others enjoying looking at my work, well that is icing on the cake! Thanks for the posts!

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You may be trying to offer constructive advice, but I honestly cannot see what you are talking about, "Just an Opinion." I've looked through this entire gallery with your comments in mind and found almost every painting exceptional. They convey a lot of emotion and show a real talent for the craft of watercolor painting. Also realize that images like the gaming art above will never be physically seen so large, so they need to have sharper detail. Looking through her art I've found quite a variety from her tarot deck art to her calendar work. Each has its own appeal. I respect your opinion, but for the life of me can't see what you see. You be quite an amazing artist to be so critical and I'd love to see your gallery. This is an impressive body of work, not just for its size but for its quality. And that's just MY opinion.

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I have never commented on any of your works I think but at any rate here is my two-bit opinion. I love watercolor. What can I say you seem to have a large body of work however are you trying to make up for a lack of something? Allow me to clarify, I do not think a large body of work makes a better artist, in this case that is obvious. I mean no disrespect at all and must say if I do like anything about these pieces it is the palette's. However something about all of them and I do mean all that somehow says this is lacking. Weither it be in detail or lack of beauty. I know art does not need to be beautiful but should spark something of interest which nearly all these do not. For me anyway. The colors are nice and rich but just something about them that do not appeal to me. You also do not get many comments so I do not think I am the only one. Just personally speaking maybe the pencil work seems over done or not clean enough, your shading however has improved a tad. I mean no disrespect in anyway, as much as I love magical watercolors these just seem to fizzle out, apart from the colors that is. Maybe reduce the amount of work you show in your gallery, nearly every piece does not have to be within does it not? Usually when I stumble onto a great watercolor artist I can lose myself for hours studying them but after only 4 or 5 of your images and I am ready to leave. I of course do not speak for everyone and this is undoubtedly my longest post ever. I do not wish to offend again, please know that. There is just something about your artwork that is lacking to me and seeing so many of them does not show much improvement.

Art at its best.