Night gathers, and now my watch begins... by goldseven

Night gathers, and now my watch begins...

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Added: Dec 05, 2003
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Done for, with the help of, and as an answer to a friend who constantly nagged me to do something else, use more dramatic lighting, and shade more roughly. Smile And I might just have found I like it. Thanks, Karsten!

A scene from "A Clash of Kings" by George R. R. Martin.

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Sorry for the late reply; Epi didn't let me read comments for weeks!

I don't take requests but I take commissions. Email me at ! Smile

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Jon, Ghost, and I presume Quorin(sp?) Halfhand. You portrayed the image PERFECTLY. ..and do you take requests? I could be your friend to nag at you, Tongue I wouldn't mind seeing you draw Robb and Jon at swordplay at Winterfell. Be a great image to show after showing Jon in such discomfort. Wink Have a nice day, and keep up the great work!

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that last messg was mine Smile

i love the darker images. it fits the material of the books better.
and it lends the characters a heavier , more dramatic & complex air to them.

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i love this. do more dark images! please Smile

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OOoooh, that comtrast looks great, neat how you've also used it to guide the eye through it.

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It's a mixture of both... they're the only two that are left of a ranging party against the Wildlings, and they know their pursuers have almost caught up with them. But the two have different ideas of what will happen... Jon, the boy, thinks they're going to be killed; the oldster wants Jon to pretend to defect, to learn what he can. What he does not tell him, though, is that the Wildlings will want proof of Jon's new loyalties, and will command him to kill the old man.

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That looks very warm and inviting! More so than my apartment at the moment! The roughness makes a difference and gives a "roughing it" to the image (sorry about the pun). There seems to be either weariness or regret in the faces of the characters on this image. I am not familiar with the stories, so I am unable to judge whether that is accurate or not. Once again, though, you do wonderful work with a limited pallete.

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Yep, the shading was the idea of Karsten, who sent me a rough shaded version of this. It was fun to work in his style. Smile

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Excellent shadow and light in this one, Jenny! feels like the fire is casting moving flickering light across the figures! nicely detailed and atmospheric scene!

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Fallen for Qhorin Halfhand, have you? Wink The love is doomed, I fear--not only is he well past fifty, but he has also sworn a vow of celibacy, unfortunately.

But I might soon draw him again, so that's something! Laughing out loud

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Jenny - I enjoy each of your pieces and eagerly anticipate more wonderful work from you! (yay sexy guy)

Art at its best.