Forgive me, my brother by goldseven

Forgive me, my brother

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 25, 2004
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Another "missing scenes" picture from the Silmarillion: Maglor, stricken with guilt, after his brother's rescue from Thangorodrim.

Watercolour and Photoshop.

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This is truely amazing. i love all your work, especially where Maedhros is featured. Hope there'll be more of him soon.

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Yes, the colours and atmosphere are more or less directly from the Rivendell scene in the LotR movie.

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Very nice. I love the expression on Maglor's face. So expressive, emotional. I also like the way the light is falling over the bed, and the view from the window. It seems a very healing place. -Claire

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*sigh* Very lovely, and very moving...poor Maedhros and Maglor!

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All I have to say is "wow".

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So full of emotion. And the light is especially well handled.

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i keep visiting this gallery at work Smile
these pieces have really worked on me.
i really enjoy them & i agree w/ all of the positive comments on the works here. the flow, the emotion, the ease of the work....etc, just wonderful. i really enjoy them Smile)

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Wow Jen, this is so ver beautiful. Full of emotion, as most of your pics are. Hope you will draw many more of the Sil!

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You have such an effortless perfection to your technique. *sigh*

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Wow Jenny, you're really doing a wonderful thing here. This whole Silmarillion series has really inpressed me. It does feel exactly like you're working on an illustrated book (although I realize this is just one small story out the enormous volume).

Art at its best.