Amrod and Amras, twin sons of Feanor by goldseven

Amrod and Amras, twin sons of Feanor

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Added: Feb 04, 2004
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More Feanoreans, again from J R R Tolkien's wonderful "Silmarillion", of course.

Watercolour and Photoshop.

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Guest's picture you speak Spanish?Portuguese?
i have a problem with English!many words in other comments are wrong or are ...strange(?) just one thing, i love your draws! like this, more feanorians, i like this!

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that you started that thread back in the forum and I found your great gallery! Everything is very close to how I imagined the characters when reading LotR.

goldseven's picture

No, that's Amras Wink

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Wait! I get it! The one with the little-bit-redder hair is Amrod, right?

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Oh, they're so very alike. Which is which?

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Pressed 'enter' too soon. Added to say: They look like they belong in Sherwood Forest, and I envy Amras his boots. Smile -Claire

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I think I like their clothes the best. Beautifully detailed and perfectly suited to them. Amras' pose, so relaxed, and the foliage around them brings to life the prettier forest clearings.

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Sorry, hope my jaw didn't permanently damage your floor when it unhinged. WOW! I love the green coloring in the peice, and, well... everything about it! Feanoreans rock.

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Absolute breaktaking, as are all your but this is my personal favourite. You captured them perfectly, and with a perfect backdrop too. Thank you!

goldseven's picture

Thanks, Christiaan!

Actually, I've heard VERY often recently that my style was cartoony or anime, and I don't like that at all. -_- Seems a bit of work in in order.

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one more thing; someone commented if i understand german; that this peice reminds you abit of japanese anime or manga; i did come to think that the style not of your work; but ur beautiful figurative work does have something similar to some japanese artist; if you ever see escaflowne youd see what i meant;i personally love anime and they anime and manga is a beautiful artform; alot of people dont but what cant be denied is that anime or good anime has got a very indepth knowledge of anatomy and speed; i love your style and the way you portray people;ignore me im rambling

caitmf1's picture

greaat peice; i love your anatomy; its exaggerated and illustrative and works beautifully with the silmarillion;

goldseven's picture

Geht so. Ich kenne einige fantastische (Blade of the Immortal), aber insgesamt denke ich, das Genre leidet darunter, dass das Schlechte des Genres dann auch direkt grottig ist. Smile Ich lächle oft mal über Manga, aber der Einfluss auf meine Bilder ist zweifellos da Smile

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oh dear! So great!
Ich liebe deine Bilder. Schön langsam wirst du mir richtig unheimlich *schwärm* so irre toll sind sie! Bist du eigentlich auch ein Fan von japanischen Mangas oder eher weniger? Ganz viele liebe Grüße Rita

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Glad you like it Smile

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You're a mind reader! I've been looking at your gallery for ages and thinking that the pics were fantastic and really wanting to request a pic of Amrod and Amras because I play Amras in the RPG I'm in. And you did it!!!!!!! Yay! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! This is brilliant!!!! Made my day!

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Glad you took the green one. It's so beautiful!

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Love it love it love it! The green really suits them. Smile Looking forward to more!

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Nice and cute hunters, ready to sack Doriath ! 'love 'em.
Beautiful work.

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Beautiful work, Jenny! I love the color scheme - glad to see you went with the green...gorgeous work.

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I wish I was so prolific!

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Glad to see you went with the green. Gives everything a nice woodsy feel. Reall nice work.

rita's picture

Ganz ganz toll Smile

Art at its best.