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Added: Feb 27, 2004
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Maedhros was ambushed, and all his company was slain, but he himself was taken alive by the command of Morgoth, and taken to Angband."
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

And quite obviously, here finally you have the reason why my Maedhros has short hair. Smile

Watercolour, 8x12 in. Yes, real watercolour. I did have to touch up the colours in Photoshop, though. It seems my scanner has completely forgotten what colours are. It did recognize the red of the hair and some of the blood ("Hang on! That's red! I remember that one!") but completely ignored all the pretty subtle hues of red and blue I had elsewhere. :/

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Wow! I just love all your works based on The Silmarillion. It's a great book Smile

You know, you should've worked with Turbine on creating concept art for their new MMORPG 'Middle-Earth Online'.

The current concept art of the elves is....rather bad I'd say.

Please continue doing more of these great works! Smile

(some paintings with Turin in it would really be something!)

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Beautiful watercolour, Jenny! love all those subtle tones, nicely structured image!

kyrn's picture

Real watercolor? As in actual COLOR? Wow, big step you're taking Tongue

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Wow, it's wonderfuly done and I must say a pretty damn good reason for short hair.

Art at its best.