Emotion is weakness by goldseven

Emotion is weakness

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Added: Aug 24, 2004
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They hurried through the forest until they were sure nobody was following them, then came to a halt in a clearing. Immediately, Aseir peered into the darkness with keen drow eyes, straining his ears to hear any sounds of pursuit among the many sounds of the nightly forest. When he turned around to Jhael, he saw the younger drow sitting on the ground, rocking back and forth in grief.
Aseir watched him for a while, his expression a mix of puzzlement and disgust. But at least, he thought, Jhael wasn't making much noise.
'Have you forgotten everything they taught you at the academy?' he finally asked Jhael coolly. 'Emotion is weakness.'
Jhael looked up, his eyes red from tears he'd shed silently. Some determination returned to his face as he said, very quietly, 'You wouldn't know, would you?'

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Evil Zhentarim wizard's!!!!!

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I love the expression of both the drow - the entire picture conveys as sense of a brutal way of life.

goldseven's picture

Thank you! Smile Jhael is indeed one of my most favourite characters, and here he's just seen the drow female he loves turned to stone by a Zhentarim wizard...

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I think that would just be another Drizzt ripoff story Wink Role-playing adventures rarely translate well into novels. I'm writing an original novel, but that's faaaar from completion...

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I've been a fan of yours for a year and 1/2 or so, but haven't commented until now. Your watercolors are always wonderful, but this pencil image is just amazing. It's very crisp and detailed; I love it. I'm very curious to know what happened to make your character so grief stricken. I'm a dnd player as well (or, was before I moved to Japan) so I can sympathize with strong attachments to characters. It would apear that you really like Jhael. Smile Again, great job!

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Wonderful detail, Jenny! And the look of emotional pain on his face just rips at one's heart...

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I love all of your work and would love to hear more about Jhael and Aseir' adventures you should write a book.

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Beautiful, great use of the leaf shape as the bottom edge of the image, truely a work of art, emotion, composition, tone, great use of refined and non-refined space. just Beautiful

Art at its best.