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Added: Aug 19, 2005
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This pic was my end of an art trade with the wonderful Sarah Cloutier. Badri (on the left) and Skawa are characters from her story "Changewind".


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You can't read it anywhere, I'm afraid - it's a story in progress by Sarah Cloutier. Check her out on Elfwood; she's got more pics of the characters there!

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wow, that's beautiful!! i remember thinking watercolor wasn't strong enough for anything but pastel blue mountains...heh, i'm such an idiot XP
this is truly gorgeous, i could praise it all day...but i won't cause that would get old. fast.

ok, quick tiny favor, please please please would you mind telling me where i can read Changewind? i have been looking for weeks, and i CAN NOT find it. its driving me nuts.
link? please? if its not too much trouble???

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Hey, jenny, it's Darkmoon12. Followed your link through the journal Smile
THIS IS AWESOME! I so dig the expressions! Your art always stunned me and this is beautiful.
Do you use watercolor pencils or watercolor paints? Just wondering.

jaie0whd's picture

I've browesed thru most of your gallery — and I have to say: "Wow."
Your style is beautiful, dramatic, and I love the job you do with color.
Your style reminds me of the illustrations I **want** to see representing great stories (Like LOtR!) — keep up your excellent work and your wonderfully unique style.

goldseven's picture

In this one, I tried out the colours on the computer first. I couldn't reference the computer colours as my comp died on me the second I had the colour scheme down, but that was enough Wink

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Himmel haben bei mir auch ewig gesauert und sind immer noch Vabanque-Spiele... ich nehme sehr viel Wasser und kaum Farbe, das sieht oft am besten aus.

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I like the clouds and the sky, also the colours and those beautiful stones.

Der Himmel und die Wolken haben es mir total angetan, egal was ich auch versuche bei mir schaut ein Himmel mit Aquarellfarben nie so toll aus, die einzigen Flecken, die ich reinbekomme sind Wasserflecken wenn ich nicht rechtzeitig mit einem sauberen Pinsel Farbe abtupfe und die ganze Zeit beim Trocknen des Bildes dabei bin.

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Jenny, you are really very good in watercolor. It's very visible that you know exactly where to put color and it has air and fresh colors. I always love to see good work in traditional media Smile. Wanderful picture with nice mood, movement and lovely color harmony.

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Ah lovely work, Jenny, love the corn coloured grass, really lifts the picture out to the viewer! ha Sarah is such a lucky lass to recieve such an amazing trade!

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Yep, I echo everyone's sentiments. You're so masterful with clothing, and you can just feel the personalities of each man oozing from every pore. They are not your standard heroes, and for that, they are all the more appealing! *thumbs up*

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Oh I like the atmosphere! so ...windy *lol* No's a lovly watercolour work .Badri looks nice ...Is he very demand mh ?! *smile*

goldseven's picture

For once, I don't mind Wink Right now, I'm starting to feel (again) watercolour is the way to go (again)... let's see for how long Wink

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what can be done with watercolour..I am amazed everytime I see pieces like this one. Perfectly executed...

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Good work on portraying a lifelike environment with a bold and effective composition.

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Jenny - you know how much I appreciate your work - but seeing again a "real watercolor", for me, it is so much more charming... if you dont mind Smile

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Great work (as usual in your case). It leaves you wondering what they are seeing and what will happen next and the characters have a very definite personality. Love it.

Art at its best.