Ringbearers by goldseven


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Added: Apr 21, 2006
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Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond ponder the fates of the Three Elven Rings.

Pencil, Photoshop.

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This, is my favorite work... absolutely amazing. I am a huge LOTR fan, and you captured all three exactly like I pictured them! Great work! It's all so beautiful! Smile

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Hah ... wie soll ich das denn in Englisch sagen??? o.O Wundervolles Bild! Tolle Farben und die Charaktere hättest du besser gar nicht zum Ausdruck bringen können ... Elrond guckt so finster wie immer! ^^
Einfach fantastisch! Ich bewundere es, wie gut du zeichnen kannst!

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I like the way you have drawn Galadriel and Elrond. I never liked the actors in the movies who played them because they didn't look young enough. You Elrond is so good. Gandalf is so like how I imagined him from the book discriptions.

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Irre, Jenny, einfach nur irre.
Wäre ich ein Mann (oder du.. *lach*), für dieses Bild würde ich dich vom Fleck weg heiraten.
Aber genug sinnlos herumgeschleimt Wink hier kommt meine Begründung für den emotionalen Ausbruch:
Das Design der Kleidung, Personen, Komposition, alles ist wunderschön, genau auf den Punkt gebracht, genau wie die Charaktere, die Farbgebung, alles.

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Oh my gosh, that is just the perfect Elrond; I've never seen another that good. He's exactly like I pictured him.
And how did you manage to do Gandalf so well? I can never draw old men;)
I love how their different poses and expressions just say so much about their characters; it looks like a photograph, not a painting. The color scheme is fantastic also.

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This is absolutely and 100%-ly brilliant.I'm not the person who is allowed to talk about technical side of this, but for the creator, I think, it is enough to be informed that someone has been staring at this for a good 10 minutes.This picture is so mild,it allows to show the self-confidence of every of this trio clearly.They all look the proper way to me - not too "casual"and not too "half-god-ish".I think this is how Tolkien would like them to look.Or at least this pic won't leave him without any thoughts.

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Yes, it was high time for some de-Weaving. Laughing out loud

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Thanks! ^^

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Gah....I could eat Elrond up with a spoon....great draping, just excellent!

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Wow, that fabric is really, really well done! And that palette reminds of a great illustrator by the name of David Johnson...look him up, you may like his stuff a lot. He uses linework mainly, and incredibly controlled, then a very limited palette.

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That is how I always pictured Galadriel.

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This is my Rita-Pick of the day! It is soo beautifully done! So much character there.

Art at its best.