Hard Shaver by genovese

Hard Shaver

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 31, 2003
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No beard for him, photo manipulation.

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I don't know why, but I really like it!

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nice role play lol V ((to persons last thingy. coment? Role play? whatever lol it was pretty good I thought anyway.)) Welcome, and your art is really good keep it up

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ya lol damn Gillette mac9 with those sulphric acid strips I told him not to use them but he used them any way, he has sensitive skin you know. oooh well this is the secont time this has happened back to the space portel hospetl on mars *grabs his hand and lifts him up from chair shaking head, waves to someone and they come over and help him into the ship he is then placed into a contaner like thingy as they travel, waves back at people* he'l be ok it happens all the time you think he would have learned by now not to do that but he does it anyway, he'l be be fine in a few days, and he'l be back at home in no time, but as for the rasor and stuff I have to find some way to make him stop using that stuff well bye have to go now befor it gets worse bye. *waves at people one last time and walks up the stairs of the small space ship, then the stairs rase and the door shuts and there gone*

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Funny, I do the same thing to my legs...

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*winces and then flinches as she looks at the picture again* Whoa... *hiding under her couch she peeks up over the couch* Nice work, seriously demented and seriously disturbing. And strangely enough, I like it. Reminds me of what happens when some one drinks a hearty glass of battery acid or something... *shivers again* Guh, the nightmares Im' going to have now.. >.<

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this is really nice work. gives me the creeps, but i like it

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Oh! That's absolutely disgusting. And that makes it so wonderful. I love it!

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ooooo,well done,that is particularly moving.i once had a close call!!but the open wound was half a cm.lol,those shick double blades i think,or was it a boeing jet propelar?

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Surely this was the work of the Gillette mac9 with sulphuric acid strip? but seriously - nicely done.

Art at its best.