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Added: Apr 08, 2003
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Fig w/a crazy moon.

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Guest's picture she an ant? an ant doesn't really portray evil..

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nice artwork but how does she breathe through that mask without suffering from oxygen deprivation?

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Thank you very much for your kind words. Its funny you commented on my work when I was just bookmarking your gallery last month. Your dolls are enchanting and gorgeous. Aquatica is my favorite. Her face just slays me. Wonderful stylization..she looks so dreamy. I should be telling you all this on YOUR epi gallery Laughing out loud

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Hello Cathy! I have seen this piece before!!! I absolutely love this one! Such an amazing body!! She is dangerously sexy!

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looks like a metamorphsis gon wrong....but its a very interesting pic.******

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Thank you all for your nice comments. I'm sorry for my late responses to all.
To the questions posed here:
The antennae? I had horns in this originally but they seemed bulky. Antenna are nice and slim. Also ,I liked how the lines intersected the moon. I think the shape of antennae are cool and creepy, the jointed look some have.
The thing I hoped would be the creeepiest was her non-face.
Programs?- I use several programs -
Painter & Photoshop are the constants.I use Bryce sometimes also. Sometimes I'll use Poser when I can't get a live body in front of the camera. A good digital camera and card reader are a bonus as is a tablet of some sort.
The body? She didn't kill anyone..just snatched a kidney.

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So what happened to the body? I assume she didn't just wound someone.

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Where's a a girl carrying a bloodied blade behind her back standing in front of a crazy moon without her antennae? I think they make perfect sense.
Very good picture by the way, I just love it =)

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ailing..i luv it

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Nice, very much like Broms work...

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WOW! What program do you use? Painter? Painter Classic? PhotoShop? Sorry... any ways, this is a beautifal picture. Lovely light of the moon, mask and all! Brom would be proud...!

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Nice clean and simple composition which has been rendered superbly, with great anatomy. It is indeed reminiscent of Brom's style, great work!

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How funny - I just went by your web site having seen your gallery on the ASFA page a while back, and was planning to send you an email recommending Epilogue, and here you've already posted something! This is terrific, as are the other pieces on your site! Hope to see more stuff soon! Be sure to check out the Forums here too.

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Really fantastic! Although I´m not a great fan of such dark themes I love this picture. Her dress adornments are wonderful.

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Wow this has been a great day for above average art!!.the tones are wonderfull.the moon is very fitting,with good detail and lightsourcing.and i love the stocking effect on her head.nice image.

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I love the detail on the dress and the figure is gorgeous!!!
Awesome art!!

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Well, she scares me! I just have to wonder what is with the antennae? They seem kind of out of place.

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Excellent dramatic image! love the dark mood in this one, and the man in the moon is a nice touch! great stuff!

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Reminds me a bit of some of Brom's work. The face in the moon is great.

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I just visited your website. Great stuff! You have a wonderful, dark style. I can't wait to see more.

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Wow, great mood and I love that angry moon. Very nice.

Art at its best.