The Dragonslayer by alaric

The Dragonslayer

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 11, 2004
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A christian/paladin having just slewn the great dragon poses for artistic effect

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Thank you very much.

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Thank you. Thats what I REALLY strive for. In the days of ethereal anime waifs sprawled across peoples drawing pads I like the contrast of a stronger, more crafted form of art.

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Wow. Im sorry. I cant force you to print a copy and put it up on your walls beside your unicorn glitter art and Pokemon plushie collection. So no reason to panic friend. Smile

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Im sorry to hear that- I assure you that this anti christian fervor is a passing thing- and heck, im an athiest. You would need to be an uneducated simpleton to keep up this "blame everything on the Christians" meme that is now going on. Anyone able to open a book and read can see just how many atrocities were commited by the Romans-and my ancestors that opposed them-neither of whom were christian, neither of them able to grasp "turn the other cheek"

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very cool, the guy has some real mass

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Nah. I run into crazy chicks all the time.

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Lots of detail without losing any of the strength of the piece. Strong image. Like it.

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Great image, but all I can think of is this guy thinking "hurry up and finish the painting, I can hardly breath in this damn thing"

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Hey! I didn't know you had an Epilogue gallery! Nice to see more work by you, Andrew. Smile (if your wondering who this crazy chick is...this is Silaria from psychodog forums)

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This is wonderful. I strongly admire your courage in putting Christian iconography upon the dragonslayer, and identifying the figure as Christian. There are few who would do so in these times, where it is considered art to place a cross in a jar of human urine.

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how dare you think that little thing can slay a dragon!!!!!!!!!! My god i hate that dragon slayer crap

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that is soo cool. The armor detail is tremendous. Well done.

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I am amazed! Truly...I've been staring at this for a while now....and just now noticed the dragon tail. The sword hilt and armor detail are ...amazing !!

Art at its best.