Vaedryn and Quinlan by voaness

Vaedryn and Quinlan

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Added: Apr 15, 2003
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Vaedryn and Quinlan's story centers around the life of two vampires who have a morbid fascination with their own death. They can often be found just at the crack of dawn waiting for the sun to rise, perversely wishing to end their own lives. Yet, this is only a morbid fantasy and they always leave before anything actually becomes imperil. Vaedryn, with his boyish looks, often is found quoting Dickinson, as he waits for the horizon, 'Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.' The poem is a perfect conundrum upon his view of his martyred life.

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hehe i enjoy your art so much i love it how you can make it work w/ your poems it's amazing!

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because my surname's Quinlan. Quality pic, btw.

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wow. The dawn lighting and the strong lines, with the wrought iron make this look very mysterious, creepy and romantic. Excellent composition. Not a thing out of place. Not a thing left wanting.

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I love the wrought iron gate and the graphic style implemented on the figures in the foreground. Your background is great and reminds me of the Old Masters etchings; it lends an ambience that taken with other aspects others have mentioned, such as wardrobe, creates a great setting. This is a great piece of artwork!!

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I love the ink-work in the background... This is just so beautiful.

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Excellent composition!

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Top hats are always the perfect completion to a Vampire's wordrobe, with out one, I feel an emtyness about them... that's just my odd self. These Vampires are beautifal, alont with the landscape the surounds them. Beautifal story that fallows them I might add.

Art at its best.