Danseuse by voaness


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Added: Jul 07, 2003
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Once upon a time, monsters ruled the world. They rampaged through the villages, and tyrannically ruled over those they came across. One day, amongst the gypsies, a girl child was born and her destiny was foretold that she would one day control the monsters and end the enslavement they had over mankind. Eventually, this girl grew into her prophecy, and her ability became apparent as she could sooth the monsters with her words and her music. With her ability she was able to drive monsters away, calm them, or completely destroy them. At first the people sang her name in high praise, she was the Danseuse, the dancer of the monsters, but after awhile the people began to fear her, for she had an ability to control monsters and they began to ask what that really made her. Her ability, inevitably, ended up isolating her and the people drove her to the monsters she was taught to control. The monsters, in return, worshipped her and made her a crown of ash. She could have easily turned the monsters on the people again, but she understood their fear and she willingly left her peoples side. It is spoken, that she will often be found dancing with her monsters in the forests, and if someone was tormented they could call upon her help. Though, she is often a conundrum, and can easily turn from friend to foe, as she often sees the monsters in each of us.

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Another excellent piece Smile I love the descriptions and stories accompanying your art nearly as much as the work itself. Alright, that's a bit of exaggeration, I really like the art Wink

Art at its best.