The Dungeon Seekers by draeger

The Dungeon Seekers

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 23, 2003
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Artwork Description

For the Anti-Cliche contest...How would things be if the fantasy cliche's actually came true?

".. oh christ, now it says go back that way. Just where _is_ this dungeon, anyways? I don't know how far I can drag this sword, and my loincloth keeps blowing in the wind!"

"Hey, at least you're well ventilated.. I'm sweating like a pig! What idiot decreed that wizards always have to wear dark robes in summer -- do you have any idea what I smell like right now?"

"Actually, yes, I do."

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Guest's picture

your art work is fantastic you have inspired me to be a better artist ps: I love the landscape in all of your work

draeger's picture

I agree Reeve! To complete the "titanic trio", a dumb barbarian is essential Smile Of course then we need the wisecracking, sneaky thief, and, and.. hmm. Gotta draw the line somewhere!

jaguarx's picture

I really enjoyed this painting. I like the sign pointing the wrong way and all. The description was hilarious. You should have added the "Bulky axe wielder that has a vocabulary of seven words" as well.

draeger's picture

It went through a couple claustrophobic versions before I hit on this one, that is able to get some depth I think. Thanks for commenting!

draeger's picture

Thanks Stephanie! I was starting to despair on the shoulders, as well as ever getting this to a finished state in general.

draeger's picture

Danka Bill. Funny pictures are alot harder to pull off than I imagined, but you have quite a few in your gallery!

draeger's picture

Hi Marie, thanks! My goal has always been so that I can paint a picture in either acrylics or digital with no difference in style or quality. I'm not there yet, but its my goal. Smile

Guest's picture

Hehe, great description Smile. I like the feeling of space this image has.

Guest's picture

Nice to see it finished Stephen, her shoulders look a lot better now. I love the painterly effect, it gives a clean crisp feel to the picture. Sorry it didn't win but the winners would of taken some beating. Better luck next time Smile

bcorbett67's picture

I agree with Marie, it has a real painted feel to it - also very funny Laughing out loud

valkyrie's picture

Hehehe your commentary was just so funny, just cracked me up! Smile I love what you've done with this pic, it doesn't have a digital feel at all, more like acrylic and coloured pencil! Lovely colours, love the humor! Smile

Art at its best.