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Added: Apr 21, 2003
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Ok, about Just an Opinion. Ok Digital paintings often are more realistic than other art BUT stuff like this artist has donw (which I like quite a few points) is alot harder as you can't correct your mistakes as well. And also, people don't gush. They point out things that they like about the picture, they don't necessarily like all of it but they point out the good bits cause it's better than pointing out the bad and the artist knows the highlights of her work so she or he can cntnue doing this is it has such an impact.

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The dork is at it again. Still insulting other artists. That is, if in fact, they are artists (which is doubtful by their childish remarks). Ignore any and all stupid comments now and in the future from 'Just a Opinion'. And, congratulations on the sale of this beautiful piece of artwork! P.S.: They have in fact been rejected, that's why they're bashing other artists!

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I will leave it to the Epilogue judges to set standards, but I happen to think this is a beautiful piece of amateur art and that it definitely belongs here. The colour choices complement the subject, and the overall mood of the piece is something that resonates with me. Which is why I bought the original. Danielle, I am looking forward to seeing your work continue to develop. And please continue to exhibit your works at Dragon*con... I always enjoy viewing them.

(By the way, I *never* buy digital art. What's the point?)

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The drawing and beautiful! ^-^

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I apologies. It should be considered artwork, however with the anatomy issues with the ears, hair and eyes, I just do not understand why it is Epi Quality, but that is not clearly my choice to make, so Kudos to you for making it. I just do not understand why every piece of art if done on a real canvas is allowed to pass when there is much better digital work that is rejected. No, I have never been rejected. Sad

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Why do people feel the need to gush over every single piece of art, even if it is bad? Is it just me or does anyone else see that her eyes are going off in different directions? Overall I would say that it was nice but it just is'nt , sorry. It looks like you did'nt spend much time on it for one..and the composition is not unique in any-way. Sad Sorry but this should'nt be here.

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very nice. I love the colors. And this dreamy, faraway look in her eyes...

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I like the colors you have used here-it does set a mood

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Lovely painting, Danielle! great colours! but it is the expression on her face that does it for me, I agree with Vera and Marley, those eyes are beautiful!

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o year!!,those eyes are striking,very nice overall feel!

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Those eyes are wonderful!

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Beautifu image! Nice blue tones.

Art at its best.