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Coming Home

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Added: Apr 22, 2003
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It's been at least more than 100 years, since Aycolén left his home town Nights End. Now, when Lysander became something like the ruler of the town and build it again, the boy came back to the city, that has been destroyed by Kyle more than 100 years ago. The only thing, that survived Kyles attack has been the main house on top of a quite hill. When Aycolén and Lysander came back, they meet each other in the big hall of the old and peasefull house.


Wah, my english is really bad... hope you'll understand it a little bit. Well the pic is about the time, they meet each other in the hall, and of course this one is only for Lysander (she also take it ^^'), she also chose the title. Well, I hope you'll like it... I'm happy about comments.

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Yup they're boys alright. They just have long flowing hair, which personally is a nice addition. Nice pic.

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Manga boys almost always look like girls, that's why I like them so much. I like your drawings of the two! Keep up the work!

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Thanks a lot! ^^;
And to answer again.. they are BOTH guys, so yes its a little shonne ai pic (I love the genre!) XD

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Ahh, this is very pretty. Are they two boys? ^_^ hoo-hoo, shounen ai, baby! Your English is good, considering you are not a native of the language. I love the hair. It's very beautiful. Is one of them a boy and another a girl? I'm confused. But no one can tell my drawings of boys are boys, they all think they are girls! LOL! Anywho, lovely drawing!

| DCHK |

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Ich verbummele mal gerade wieder meine Faxe... aber egal, bis auf Meli ist sowieso keiner mehr da...

Das Bild ist Wahnsinn, gleich was die anderen sagen. Es war das erste gemeinsame Illu von Ayco und Lys, und dei erster Versuch Perspektziven zu zeichnen. Dahingehend hätte ich mir keinen besseren Schüler suchen können.

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So... there I want to answer the question... Aycolén (the guy with the silver hair) is a he!!! I don't know... on every picture most of you say its a woman... but he hasn't breast, has he??? Maybe I should draw him without clothes next time... ^___-

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Ne wayz female or male they're both beautiful. And about the's at her/his side. ^-^

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Question! Where's her other arm?

Art at its best.