Dracobeast by nboyd37


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 01, 2003
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Artwork Description

Linework done in ballpoint pen, scales done in pencil,
color done in photoshop.

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I'm the artist who did this piece, and I'd like to thank everybody for the comments. I haven't been able to get any other artwork up on here though, long time since I tried, so maybe some of the neg commenters are right (if a little vague, okay very vague). My work tends to be rather light on background and consisting of clean simple lines, which doesn't seem easily accepted at epilogue. *shrug* Maybe I'll try some of my newer pieces and hope "Socar" or whoever likes my stuff again.

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Don't be offended, but I don't think this piece is very good.

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in my opinion i say this is great.the color in it of the beast the caped figure,every thing seems well put to gether.good job man.

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First of all, don't pay any attention to the idiot who complained about your work. It's the exact same stupid piece of crap who's been going from artist to artist on this site complaining about their work. They're basically jealous and unable to get any of their own work on the site...if they are in fact an artist at all. Secondly, they don't know how to use the English language correctly; the phrase is 'just an opinion, not 'just a opinion'...And, thirdly, your work is beautiful, you truly did an excellent job. I know, I am an artist who's work has been compared to some of the top artists in the world. Keep up the good work!

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Dont be offended but I do not like this piece. Seems very typical, not sure why it was approved..oh it was by Socar. Guess that answers my question. Nice line work on the cape however.

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No comments? Strange... This is great--the scales are vibrant and wonderful and the flying dirt is a nice touch.

Art at its best.