Chrysanthemum Tryst by ayudovin

Chrysanthemum Tryst

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Added: Jul 04, 2004
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This image is based on a retelling (that I'd either read or heard) of a story that I now know to be called "Chrysanthemum Tryst" from a book by Ugetsu Monogatari "Tales of Moonlight and Rain".
The tale I heard went something like this:
A merchant nurses a wounded samurai back to health. Their friendship develops into love. However, the samurai has to leave for his home province to do something important (I can’t recall what exactly, but fighting against incredible odds is involved). He promises his lover that he will come back some time after, on a specific date. The appointed day comes but the samurai does not come, and his lover is beginning to lose hope and thinks he was abandoned, when finally, late at night, the samurai comes to him. The merchant is overjoyed, but asks why his lover is late, and the samurai explains to him that he had been captured, and when he realized that he wouldn’t be able to keep his appointment, he killed himself so that his spirit could travel to his lover on the promised day...

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carles's picture

If it had not been for todays entry (which is beautiful too by the way), I would have missed this beauty. Your painterly digital work fits the mood of the story really well. Congratulation.

Guest's picture

hey buddy! awesome work!!! I miss you! Get on aim sometimes Smile
-Natasha K

ayudovin's picture

Well, actually I was sort of hoping my art was good enough to illustrate the story... But I'm pleased you think it's elegant Smile Thanks!

Guest's picture

What a's a beautiful and fitting accompaniment to your elegant art.

Art at its best.