Friends by hobbit


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Added: Jun 08, 2003
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Guest's picture the dragon guarding its food o_0

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Beautiful Picture!! I have never seen a dragon that looks so real! Hope you do more like this one!!


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Well see now this makes me worry a bit.... Once I was watching the animal planet with the sound muted because my room mate was talking on the phone at the time... there was a little wild cat and a snake playing and being generally cute... then they got tired after a while and took a nice nap side by side... my friend then hung up the phone so I happily started to inform her that even wild animals could be friends 'Look, look theyre sleeping side by side... how cute!' So then some commercials came on and we flipped the channel, and forgot all about the cute napping snake and cat... Well anyway a few days later the same program came on again and I yelled happily to my roomate to inform her that she show was on again... So this time we watched it silently, but with the sound turned up... and to my growing horror the cat was not playing with the sanke but killing it! When I came to that realization I nearly cried... So you see why this worrys me a bit...Wink Anyway.. great work! And this is probably the longest comment I have ever made... and probably will ever make again!

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beautiful colors

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A powerful friendchip.

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This looks slightly 3D. If it is, great compositing with the painting parts, if it is not, great painting! :)=

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AAAWWW! So sweet and such an incredible job.

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What a beeee-yooo-teeful palette!

Art at its best.