The Untried by klowe

The Untried

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 12, 2003
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Spring had just come to frigid Colorado, and my flower catologs arrived... I wanted to paint butterflies and flowers. As I began to rough in the elf, my husband sternly said, "make her look tough!" -- he has never been a fan of my prefered expression/attitude for drawing: dreamy and feminine.
I don't know if I managed to get her attitude or expression right, but I did get to paint my butterflies and flowers!
I'm trying to break myself of the oversized forarms habit. Her's are still not quite right, and I wish I'd done a better job giving her a muscular tummy. Next time, I really need to use photo reference!!

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Ooo, I finally found it online. I bought this piece at a convention a while back, and I'm just now getting it framed so I can hang it up. Now I can show my friends online "This is what I bought!" I'll have to watch for your work at other conventions.

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:::giggles::: I think she's probably thinking something along the lines of, "Why do the butterflies always flock to me? I don't even like them all that much! Go away, little butterflies, go away."

Cute expression, gorgeous butterflies, and I adore her outfit. And the colors are nice, too.

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She looks like she's thinking, "These butterflies better stop flitting around my head or else I'm gonna have to sic my lil' dragon on them." Hee hee! I love that you brought the dragon motif into her armor as well.

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Its beautiful, howd you draw it?

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She looks tough alright! And all the flowers and butterflys look so sweet, it really makes a great contrast.

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Hi Kathleen,
I just visited your gallery and all pics are stunning. But this one is my favourite! It has a lot of expression and the colors are beautifully. Great work. Keep on!!! Rita

Art at its best.