Aoi-Chan by klowe


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Added: May 12, 2003
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I went to high school in Okinawa, Japan, and have always loved oriental art. It took a lot of work to get the "manga" out of my style!
After taking three long days "Poppies" and "Visions," I was irritated at having to work so hard to paint in a new style. In a fit of rebellion, I sat down and painting "Aoi-Chan" in one three-hour sitting.
And yes... the original idea for this painting was, "I want to paint the lillies from the bulb catolog!"
I get inspired by the dumbest things!

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this one is surely stunning! Smile great work with the colors, the lines stand out, yet they are smooth and kind to the eye, her hair is beautiful, the expression flawless and her clothes are very realistic! and yeah, LOVE the lilies! Smile

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Her hair is gorgeous, and I really like the delicate blush on her face. Lovely!

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Oooohhh! I went to Kubasaki HS, class of '88. We probably met!

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Lvoely picture there. I showed it to my friends and all of them said it looks like me with longer hair.... Tongue you did a great job there!

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I can't believe I've found other human beings that lived in Okinawa, I went to middle school there. On Lester, and I went to elementary on Camp Kinser.

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Hahaha! Yeah I guess trying to unlearn is even tougher than learning. Some people said I've the same "problem" with manga style, but others have said it looks sufficiently "different" to be unique. Whatever, you be the judge. Very clean painting by the way. It looks sufficiently "different" from manga style too. Hahaha!

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GET OUT! You went to high school in Oki too?!? Which were you, Kubaski or Kadena. I was a Panther myself, 85-89. I was inspired by the art there too, thoug it may not show in my work. I'm glad you got the manga out of your art, it's all too common, and usually poorly done, these days. Aoi-Chan is lovely.

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I think its lovely, however I don't really think of 'manga' when I look at it, more Japanese line art/ prints that kind of 'linear' feel (which I love).

Art at its best.