Brown Bess by klowe

Brown Bess

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Added: May 12, 2003
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This is another of my older paintings, one that I am wanting to re-paint (with the new style and without the muddy colored pencil shadows). So, I'm particularly wanting comments and critiques of it.
Like so many of my other paintings, it all started with the tree. While attending the Fort Buennaventura Rendezvous, I camped near the river. This tree stretched out across the river, and its shape begged to be drawn.
I had to add a girl to the drawing, 'cause I'm not a landscape artist...
Although the painting is called "Brown Bess," the girl (*geek alert* the Toreador character I was playing at the time) is holding an Italian wheel-lock pistol. 'Italian Wheel-lock Pistol' however, doesn't have the same feel as 'Brown Bess' so I kept the name even after I changed the gun. Um... maybe the girl's name is Bess? Smile

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I was googling my name and came across your's amazing...I'm from KY so I especially liked this one Smile

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will definately take your advice and fix "Bess"'s pose in the new version of the painting.

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As someone who's taken countless photographs of tree branches, I can appreciate trees that "begged to be drawn." I like what you did here, and the addition of a pistol-wielding maiden was a fun idea. My only recommendation for your next attempt, would be to work "Bess" into the actual landscape a little more. Her current pose gives the impression that she was "added" to the scene. I think if you could have her lean against the trunk of the tree, or perhaps straddle the branch, it would seem more natural. Other than that, I think you did a wonderful job. I like the color and shading "muddy colored pencil shadows" and all. - Marilyn

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There is just something about a sexy brunett in a lovely dress holding a cool pistol in a tree that makes me a weak. ;^) Beautiful painting.

Art at its best.