A Feather in my Cap by klowe

A Feather in my Cap

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Added: Jul 01, 2003
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At a recent convention (Leprecon in Phoenix), I got to have my art critiqued by Larry Elmore. He said that the main problem with my paintings was that I had plain backgrounds and seemed to only draw one thing ("pretty girl in a pretty dress.").

I had this painting started, and so it was too late to change the fact that it is yet another pretty girl in a pretty dress... but I tried adding a background. I don't think this experiment was a success. To me, the painting is far too busy. What do you guys think?

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This is wonderful! I'm going to be adding her to my birthday art list. Oh, who needs a harbor when you have an arbor. She is ready for anything...and everything! Don't mess with this young lady.
Keep dreaming Kat...these are incredible.

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Actually, I don't think it's too busy. Quite b-e-a-utiful, actually. The choice of the background to be flowers, though.. When I look at this I see her more standing on a harbour waiting for something destructive to come her way. Minus the gun and blade, though, she looks exactly like I always pictured the lady that Samwise Gamgee marries in LOTR. Your idea on her dress is absolutely captivating. I wish I had the figure to wear something as gorgeous... Ahh me, that I could paint with such talent! (Ah me, that I could paint at all.. but that's a different story.. heh..) i love your work. Keep going great!

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THANKS!! I'm new to selling my artwork, and your phone call made my day. Made my year! I hope I'll get to meet you in person at next year's Conjecture show.

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I got tingles when you hung this original in the Conjecture art show. My husband went "wow!" I hope that you have more ladies like this haunting your paint brush as we will be looking for them.

She has a refined look that a pirate wench may not have. Makes me think of Emma Thompson in "Much Ado About Nothing" or Sharon Stone in "The Quick and the Dead". She is strong, beautiful and deadly.

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Actually, I thought of pirate first, then thought, "Well, she's some type of travelling rogue, at the very least." And I was right! Great outfit, and I like the background. It looks slightly unplanned, which it kinda was, but it still fits nicely.

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background looks fine, but perhaps she needs to be doing something other than just standing there... Your costumes just keep getting better and better though:)

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this is the forgotten irish pirate wench that everyone wants to forget but she will not let them, this is really fantastic. it brings the sordishness to live

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Beautiful watercolour painting, Kathleen! the amount of detail you put into your work is a total joy! and a myriad of lovely colours to boot! everyone has a tendancy to get too critical about their work, but believe me in your case there is no foundation, the busier and more detailed you get the better...stay a busy bee!lol!

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Kathleen, she is pretty, but that is, what we love in your paintings. I think, the background fits good to her costume. A woman, who knows what she wants and have the power and possibilities to get it Wink Keep on the good work!

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So... the question I have for you is what you think that she is. I kinda have a "thing" (as my sister puts it) for pirates (and vampires!), so to me... She's an Irish pirate wench. Somehow, I doubt anyone else sees her as that! This painting needs a real title, and for a real title, I need to know who she really is!

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Thanks for your compliments! When I watercolor, I start out with the usual light washes, and then start building up layers of color to get them nice and intense. If I cannot get a color intense enough, I go back in and use a little guache.

The other thing that helps is to put opposing colors next to each other. Orange looks expecially bright when it's right next to purple and green.

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I really like this picture. The colors are dark, bold, and not afraid to be there. And they're water colors too!! Just amazing! Smile

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I don't think it's too busy at all. The background adds interest, and harmonizes nicely with her dress. I like the pistol in front: makes it clear she's not someone to be trifled with, despite her pretty dress and pretty face!

Art at its best.