The Consort by klowe

The Consort

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Added: Jul 01, 2003
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Nick, the best GM in Denver, ran a little side adventure for our D&D group, in which we played our enemy counterparts. He gave me an evil priestess of Shar to play... At about the same time, my friend Jenn was complaining that every person I drew looked too sweet and innocent. So... I tried to draw an evil priestess. I don't think I really pulled off a wicked expression, did I? I don't know what I did wrong! Help!

There are two other paintings that are coming (slowly!) in this series: The Empress and The Emperor.

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You people are paranoid. Why would you desecrate your own art by putting your logo across them? Who's would ever profit from counterfieting pics and selling them around the internet?

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Darker colors would help, as well. While many "evil" characters may have a perfectly colorful fashion sense, if you want to really radiate "bad guy"...err, need shadows and darkness, not flowers and smiling dragons. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great pic. I'm just suggesting some evil ideas. Instead of a dragon, try an imp. And if you like flowers, try black roses. Smile

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These are really good suggestions! I won't be re-doing this painting, but for the companion piece, I will try to take your suggestions.

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This painting is the collest.But i think you shouldev made her have a little wiked smile,so she could make her look a little more evil. Smile

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Let's see here... if you were to draw the dragon glaring over her shoulder, that would help. Also, as to her eyes... Elves have large eyes as it is. You could put an "unnatural" glint in them. Distinguish her eyelids, and not with makeup. Make it look as if she were squinting, trying to figure out what to do with her captors. Also, if you were to put her hair up, even in a ponytail... You would not believe how much that could help!! Having a woman with her hair down makes her look softer, more gullible. Sorry, I'm rambling. I may not be an artist with paint and oils, but with stories. And a fellow "gamer". Don't get me wrong, you are wonderful at what you do. I only speak from an unbiased point of view, and that is what you asked for. I wish you the best with your work, you have a great talent.

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Hi Kathleen, I do LOVE your work. Another beautiful piece! When I cover the mouth part, she looks more "evil", but when I cover her eyes, her mouth is "sweet". But I like her, just how she is painted! Post MORE!!!
Did you ever think about a tutorial at your Homepage? That would be GREAT.

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Yay, I'm so glad you've been posting so much work in such a short period of time! I absolutely LOVE your style.
I think perhaps her eyes are a bit too round and if the eyebrows were narrowed and arched a bit she might look a bit more evil Smile

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OK,I like your painting,the colors are nice,but,she looks like she just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.If you are going for "wicked" or "evil" you have to display more arrogance,confidence-like she knows all,been all,done all-I don't know if that helps but I believe 90% is in the eyes.

Art at its best.