Captain Cole by klowe

Captain Cole

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 22, 2004
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Ya'll know I'm a gamer geek, right? Smile ... I had a /neeeeed/ to paint a pirate, and, as luck would have it, the vampire prince of the city our game was set in, he started out life as a sea captain. This painting needs a proper title... Aside from my neeeed to paint a pirate, I also needed to prove to a certain Mr. Wren that I can indeed draw something other than "chicks." My husband thinks I failed to create beefcake, however, since my Captain Cole is "femmy." Sigh. Back to the drawing board, neh?

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Ignore your husband, he's obviously misguided. That Captin Cole is /HOT/!!!

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Considering the story behind the character (I'm a gaming geek too, by the way ^_^) how about "Remembering the Sun" as a title?

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Double ARRRE! Gotta love a pirate, fem or no....he's loverly!

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Thank you! I have really got to learn that trick (to making a macho guy who isn't built like The Rock)... Sigh!

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But the posture is not exactly Mr. Tough Guy. I would say he needs broader shoulders, a right hip that's not thrown out so far, and a right arm that's not ... well, just dangling there.

It's a real trick to do a heroic figure without resorting to super-hero proportions, and it's a nice change to see something that's a little closer to realism.

I'm happy to see you exploring new subjects, and hope you will continue.

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Love the attention to detail and the pose.I have to say, your choice of name for such a dashing fellow was an excellent one ;0) Good work!

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nah, he looks good to me:)

Art at its best.