Raven's Flight by klowe

Raven's Flight

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Added: Jan 30, 2004
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It started out with a drawing of the girl in my sketchbook. I had been listening to the rendition of "Tam Lin" by Steeleye Span, and had one of those /neeeeeds/ to draw the poem. (You can see it on my sketchbook page). I drew the background separately, while listening to Larry Elmore lecture at Leprecon 2003. When I transfered the sketches and re-drew the figure, my husband complained that the girl's expression looked pathetic. My argument that Janet /should/ look pathetic after she's met (and 'known' in the Biblical sense) Tam Lin... Well, my husband was not impressed. I re-vamped her look, going for someone with a backbone and a secret. And then I started the color comps, and a green cloak and yellow hair (Janet's colors in the poem) just didn't look good. So... It's not an illustration of Tam Lin any more. While painting it, I was thinking that the girl is a raven. Perhaps she's the raven that's seen flying down from the roof.

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The colors on the girl are too bright and glossy compared with the very pastel colors on everything else. It clashes! Other than that it's good. I'd recolor it if I were you. Stick with the pastel color palette, it'll look good.

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I have a guilty confession about the borders. They weren't in the original design. I love long, long narrow designs. I got a few complaints, though--quite reasonable ones, I think--that a couple of my prints (the long narrow ones!) didn't fit in standard frames. So... rather than crop off the top of this painting, I added the border, so that it neatly fits into an 11 x 17 frame.

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So should I keep the name "Raven's Flight" or ought I go back to "Tam Lin," even though Janet was a blonde in a green cloak?

Thank you everyone for your nice words! I've felt rather discouraged with my artwork lately, and it's been making it hard to pick up the brush. Your compliments are helping me regain my muse!

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I *love* the detail in the background. Would you please post a close-up of the broken wall? The ornate borders are a nice touch, too.

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Beautiful colors. I just love 'em! And that roof in the background is cool, too! All that detailing must have took forever.

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I'm sure it would look good on a lot of walls! I think the red may be a little too bright compared to the background but otherwise it's wonderful. The detail on the rose and and the roof is painted beautifuly! I keep looking at the roof for some reason. It looks like a prefect little fairy tale:)

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I remember seeing the sketch for this... The finished piece looks great! Love the design. I think it serves as a great illustration for the poem as well as stands well alone.

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