Something on the Wind by klowe

Something on the Wind

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 16, 2004
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Over Christmas, I tried to figure out how to make a painting in just five hours. The experiment was really quite a failure--out of eight paintings finished, I can only stand to look at this one. Sigh. I just can't loosen up and rush through a piece.

How on earth do people make quick paintings? Or, I suppose, the question of the hour is, "How can I make a painting that I can stand to part with for only $50."

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klowe's picture

Noooooo!! Never put away your paint brush!!!!! Practice makes perfect.

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This is very lovely. Different from the others but a wonderful difference. My son loves this one...serene. I love the little details in your other pieces but this one will call out to many. Beautiful...again...beautiful. I'm tempted to put away my paint brush!

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I don't know how you all do this all I can do is write poetry but this sweetie is beautiful
This is sheer perfection
Love it

klowe's picture

I should've listed in the description, that this painting is 5x7. It's tiny, compared to how I prefer to work (11x14 and 16x20).

flasher's picture

I've been trying to figure out that myself. Even my "little" paintings are still all at least 9x12s. To get them to the point where I am actually willing to show them to people always takes more than the time alloted to stay in "budget".

I've come up with a compromise. I'll paint one small, likely to sell piece that I don't really like for every 4 or so big, complicated, "that ain't leaving my house for less than $500" pieces. Maybe if I get a bunch of the little ones sold, someone will want one of the big ones...

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make it small? 4x6? I do that a lot. I quite like this one!

Art at its best.