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Added: Aug 02, 2004
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This painting needs a proper title--if you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it!I have several paintings in my head that I have tried to paint over and over, but have never gotten them to look /just/ right. I imagine it's the same for all artists. This is one of those, and I /think/ I have finally made the painting on paper match the painting in my head. Possibly I'll look at it again in a few months and decide that it isn't good enough. I'm very dissatisfied with my painting and drawing abilities. There are always flaws that I don't see until later. Sad

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rita's picture

Kathleen, this is so great - dont know how I missed it! Love her expression and dress Smile It is wonderful!!!

klowe's picture

I re-read those books earlier this year, and discovered they weren't nearly as good as I'd remembered. I think being a parent has jaded me--I don't enjoy Harry Potter as much as most people do, either. I imagine that every shy, teased kid falls for the character archtype in those two books: shy, teased kid turns out to have great magic, and everyone who was mean to them suffers!

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Of /course/ I've read those books! I think I was fourteen when I first read 'em, and admittedly, Menolly was on my mind when I painted this. However, Anne McCaffrey is very particular about her copyright, and I would be sued if I made or sold a painting based on her books. So... uh, this is /not/ Menolly, it's an elf chick! Smile

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This is exquisite... reminds me of the original covers for the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey. Except for the elf ears, this could easily be the main character and her golden firelizard. Check out those covers if you've never seen them. Elizabeth Malczynski was the artist. Which means the title "Dragon Song" might not be an option, since that was the title of the first book. Sad But a lovely lovely work! I especially like the pose of the little dragon... so sweet! Smile

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How about 'Dragon Song'

Art at its best.