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Added: May 27, 2003
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The princess ought to be demure and “proper,” no? Yet, is that not the slightest hint of an impish grin touching the corners of her mouth? And perhaps an almost imperceptibly quirked eyebrow? What does she know that she is not telling us?

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Thank you for the comments - which torture machine indeed! if you only knew! ~chuckles~ I see what you mean about the eylashes though, now you mention it. Actually when I first posted it to the forum the eyes, overall, were by far the weakest part of the whole piece. I made major improvements but there is still room to grow!

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Looking great=) Without reading the description I immediately thought she looks slightly annoyed... like "where is that servant with my wine, damnit!" But then her eyes seem to have some michevious light in them like "mmm... wonder which torture machine to bring out to teach that servant to hurry up next time... hmmm" Haha=) Great compostion there, Owen... Im really liking it... only complaint I have (cos Im a stickler when it comes to eyes) is that her ey lashes seem to be a bit... stickly.. pointing straight up... and so far apart... You have established such realistic looking eyes (eyes balls) that I think it is somewhat tragic to have such simplified eye lashes... but again... thats only cos I always spend at least 4357896 hours on the eyes alone in all my pieces;) Nice work, and I hope to see more!

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Thanks Patrick, I will certainly do my best to try and oblige you!

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Thanks Richard - my mind churns out ideas at warp speed while my pencil churn's out images at glacial speed, but I'm workin' on it!

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~chuckles a little~ Thanks James, I'm especially glad you like her hair because I really struggled with it!

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Thank you Sarah, and thank you for your help!

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Thank you Kay, and thank you so much for your help!

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Thank you Anne, and thank you so much for all of your help!

pakage's picture

Welcome, Owen. This is a very nice piece and is well rendered. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

angelus's picture

This is a beautiful image, Owen. Fantastic pencil work! You let me know when you get other beauties like this one up into your gallery.

somerset's picture

Lovely pencils, Owen! excellent hair rendering and such a beautifully characterized face on this lady, great!

tracker's picture

Well, thank you so much for the kind comments, but you know, were it not for your help she would not be here. Thank you so much!

- Owen

sharpbeak's picture

Your first piece in Epilogue, Huzzah!
She turned out beautifuly Owen. I can't wait to see more! Smile

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Woohooo...Congrats Owen. Looking good.

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Yay Owen!!! Way to go - it looks great! Congratulations!

Art at its best.