You and Me by norbert

You and Me

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Added: May 18, 2003
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um...who wrote this other rant, was it the artist or some random guest cuz it seems very weird.

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allrighty then, so here is the sensitive motional hitler who smells my genuinity from the other side of the world, so all I can do is to wait FOR MYSELF there is no rushing when it comes to these things I understand now too why PROCRASTINATION IS GOLDEN Laughing out loud anyway there was something else I was wanting to say but now its fading away ok now I remember again about my favourite book writer, she has had an everlasting impact on me, she actually wrote a bookseries after my name and really emasingly captured my own personality no dont mistake me getting influenced by it but rather I recongnised myself in it and was confirmed that its good to be me now its not so sure anymore, yet when I look back Im not exactly feeling negative either, its still arousing that same good feeling of certainty and rightness then now i reflect everything in past with a view of is this too about beeing communist, do you see how politicians are wicked or is it the scholars how do you analise me, do you have to analise me at all, why do I have to analise myself all the time, what the wrong with me, anyhow, I want to be a maker, A MAKER I saw that name in one movie where the 3 criminals were outside their vehicle when a police man arrived and started guestioning when this one newcomer did took the situation undercontrol and led his attention elsewhere releasing them from a sticky point, after the incident the oter two guys told him that "HE WAS A MAKER" lol! I liked that frase so much, okey but back to my fave bookauthor, she wrote the childrens series after my name then she wrote adult books romantic that makes me nod my head everypage loooooooooong ago did I give up on the idea that such men exist, like in her book she just portrait the way I would like it to happen and how I would (still) like it to be and go, so anxiously he is asking how did it go, in one story the first time she almost falls down to his legs and he grasps her so hard that she gets bruises to her arm but she is totally captured by his dark brown eyes that are at the same time teasingly joking but there is something deeply serious that makes any woman feel herself girly and vounerable helpless little (idiot?) then he vanishes on air, he comes and goes because in this story the girl is after another man that she is not really interested in but wants to show to her sister that she can get herself a husband if she likes so she follows him to a holidaywhatyoucall those places and accidentally comes accross this dark tall ladiesman...anyhow the man she is after is really NOTALLTHAT guite cowardly type of idiot who is afraid of bees and then one time almost sinks her to death while she pushes him to the lake and realises he does not able to swim, goes to rescue him and then he crabs her with all his heaviness all the way to the bottom of the lake and then this guy comes to their rescue and this guy is at the same time annoyng her to death because since he comes into picture she really begins to feel ashamed of the guy she is after and he is adding more wood into the fire by teasing her about him all the time well it is since she have seen his serious eyes that she cant get over him suddenly the place that is filled up with all these dall pensioners looks fascinating and exciting place and she is literally running after this man while he seems to start avoiding her to the extent that she has to go look for where he lives (this was so funny lol!) so because he always brings vegetables from his farming place whatever to that place where they are residing´, but now she has gone to look for the place this man lives and finds the farming place and enters one side building and dog starts chasing her so she has to hide herself into that house finds a bed a hard bed and thinks to herself that no wonder he has so strong looking back sleeping on that hard wood then goes and puts her cheek on the pillow imagining his cheek on her own then the sound of barking alerts her and The Man is there she is listening as he is talking to the dog so gently she wishes to be the dog (lol) then finally gets gouh and this guy say what are you doing there in so-and-so's room that was the because the actual guy is some really old awful man lol, he finally turns out to be a urbanised man who even ends up to be the boss in the bank where she works as secretary and he has spotter her long before she has already in the city before they come to the farming place but that is what it is with men that they always has to be hundreds of steps ahead of the woman and of course that is what makes man a man if there is no difference how would it work ?

Art at its best.