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Added: May 21, 2003
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Created in Poser with heavy touch in Photoshop.

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I want one!!!!...the dragon, that is.
Ahem, seriously, this is amazing, keep up the excellent work!!

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like the guest above, i also noticed that his picture was rendered using poser before i scrolled down and read it. this is a nice image, but i also agree with the person above. I suppose that poser could be a good base for a drawing if you are just starting to study the figure, but it usually helps you to render unrealistic forms...figure drawing from a live model is much more beneficial in the long run.
I'd like to see some more work, but let's see what you can do without poser.


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The idiot who said that her head looks to small for the body and she looks like Lizzy McGuire is: A) Wrong! B)Obviously a fan of Lizzy McGuire themselves and C) Jealous. You'll notice how, when someone does a really beautiful picture or other piece of art, that the envious scum bags always suddenly turn critic. You've done a beautiful job...and remember, if the person complaining about your artwork can't do better and show you exactly how to do better, then it doesn't matter what they say!

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wow it is amazing!! beautifully done!

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I noticed this image to be made in Poser before I read that it was which probably is not good, seeing how a majority see poser as cheating. However this has alot of detail and I admire your OS in order to handle this, hehe.
I have exactly the same Dragon and well those nasty memory issues are always such a pain. Lovely work.

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well the breasts are good as they are,
but by the dragoon i miss the eyes, even if they are close.

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Lovely fantasy image, Robert! great mood and your girl figure has so much character, nicely detailed and coloured, bravo!

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ah. I like this picture..but could you have made her brests bigger! *is sarcastic*

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Congrats on taking out most of the distinctive Poser traits. You have a lot of different textures in this. That's great, but watch out for the coins under the treasure chest, for example. The light hits them like they're a silk fabric.

Lovely design, though. I very much like the colors as well. Particularly on the dragon. Finally a heroine who isn't just some scantily clad! And a lovely background too. Congrats =)


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Hmm. I don't know. I think the head is a bit small for the body; and the face definately reminds me of Lizzie McGuire for some reason. I think the eyes and the shape of the face has something to do with it. I love the glass mirror and the texture, though. Smile

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Wow! Fantastic. What version of Photoshop were you using?

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What a so beautiful woman and everythings is so nice! I like very much.Smile

Art at its best.