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Added: Dec 12, 2003
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I was trying to capture a sense of serenity, a feeling of comfortable lethargy and easy good-will, when Unicorns were admired for their beauty instead of hunted for their horns. And this is what came out.

I hope the background is sufficient - the dirt clods drove me absolutely crazy!

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if you really are 16, you have intellect and art skill beyond your years

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for 15 years of age, you are most definatley gifted...your talent had inspired me.

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This makes me want to pick up a pencil and draw something...

sh-serg's picture

i really like you did the horse, very good!

tigerzi's picture

What a wonderful, sweet comment! It's really made me happy after a long day. Thank you so much, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness. Smile

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Beautiful! If I could draw horses that well,I could die happy. Really,it's amazing. You've done a wonderful job.

tigerzi's picture

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kindness.

flingling's picture

Beautiful work! I want to see more!!!

tigerzi's picture

You know, I think you're right! Thank you for commenting, and for your help. I really mucked up the proportions on this one - I hope it's not *too* noticable! ^__^

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It's very beautiful unicorn portrait and realy interesting, but isn't the neck too thin? (...) Oh, never mind, excelent work! Smile

tigerzi's picture

Wow, that's so nice of you! Hehe, if only I were good enough! For now I think you shall remain a pencil-idol of mine, because your art is truly beautiful, and has the character I wish mine had!

yeechi's picture

I agree with James, your pencilling is stunning. I really think you should be the one giving ME tips!

somerset's picture

Beautiful pencil work, Lucy! the anatomy is incredible and so real, your shading and textures are outstanding, lovely fine artwork!

tigerzi's picture

Thank you, Marilyn! I really appreciate your reassurance - I feel a lot better about this picture, now.

blueunicorn's picture

This is lovely, Lucy. The neck may appear to be too long and thin, but I know for a fact that many thoroughbreds look just like that! Especially the Arabians. Wonderful piece! Excellent pencil work.

goddessart's picture

This is simply fabulous! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

tigerzi's picture

Fiona! *hug* Hey, you found my Epi spot! I don't feel so lonely here any more. *watery grin* I'll teach you to draw horses if *you* teach *me* how to paint like you. Deal?!

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Hey, its Fiona here. Lovely job with the anatomy, as always. Smile I swear dear, you really have to teach me how to draw horses one day.

tigerzi's picture

Wow, I didn't know you were on Epilogue too, Romina! You musn't worry about getting a gallery, you know I think your anime is amazing. It should definately get in with time - it took me *months* to draw something good enough to get accepted. Try the WIP forum. They're *great*! Thank you for your praise, btw!!! *hugs*

arashi's picture

Lots of congratulations Lucy...I...I never knew that you had an Epilogue're so lucky!!!I'm a member but I still don't have my own gallery...I know...this work of yours is just wonderful and breathtaking!!Maybe mine's is not as good as yours ^^. I adore this unicorn , I absolutely love the way you made the shadowing and the anatomy is perfect. Just a lovely , draemy moment Lucy!!!*kisses*

tigerzi's picture

Thanks so much! Coming from such a brilliant equus artist, your praise means a lot!

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nice to see another beautiful unicorn portrait here. your equine anatomy is fantastic. excelent work!

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oops, forgot to sign in -- anyways, very nice again, I look forward to seeing more of your work

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lovely job with the pencils. The neck does seem a bit slender compared to the body, but after all, it is a unicorn...

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I love it, especially the anatomy, but isn't the neck too long, or too thin?

Art at its best.