Resting by tigerzi


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Artwork Stats
Added: May 04, 2004
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Because even elves need to have their beauty sleep once in a while... Drawn with my beloved mechanical pencil and putty eraser. I hope her pointy ear is recognisable under that mass of hair... ^_^;

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you have experience beyond your years

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This is beautiful, thankyou.

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lucy, you are the best 15 year old artist i have ever seen. You are the best artist i have ever seen. Based on this portrait alone, i want to be better. compairing my work to yours makes me look pathetic. haha. well have a great life my friend.

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Your 15... holy crap. Excuse my...ness... yeah i'm 15 too and i'm not nearly as good. However this inspires me. God gave me a gift to and HELL I'M GONNA TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT LIKE YOU ARE!!! wow... that kinda mixed religon didn't it. Don't even know why i said that. but none the less. you do inspire me to be a better artist. I knew i'm not good enough. I'll get better. BUBYE!

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You are a very, very talented girl, Lucy.
The whole thing must have taken you ages!

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Excellent work, Lucy! so real, SUPERB!

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Hey!!!Accepted in Epilogue once more!!!!You're growin' up Lucy!!!That's wonderful!!! I don't know if I must do it but...Can I ask you a question?. How can you make the shadows with a mechanical pencil???It is SO DIFFICULT or that seems to be for me , I have never been able to make shadows as a normal artist , they always come out so awfu

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Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked this, and particularly pleased that you like the lips and irises - they took me the longest and nearly drove me insane! Thanks again for such lovely compliments, and for stopping by.

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Absolutely beautiful pencil work Lucy, most impressive.

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Dang! that is superb I am very impressed with the whole image. The shading is just marvellous work indeed. Beautifull eyes too!.

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The lighting depth and detail of this peice are incredible, and the textures are right on. I am particularly impressed with the lips and the irises. Beautiful work.

Art at its best.