light show by spooge

light show

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Added: May 31, 2003
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Dude, I agree with alot of others when i say that your art work is amazing! I wish i had your talents...;D

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Funny, I went to save this picture and I already had saved it twice before. Smile Awesome display of imaginatative power and brilliance.

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Very cool artwork. Those lights and shadows are really great.

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Magical, Powerful and Hypnotic. A feast for the eyes and imagination,what more could we expect from art than this. Bravo..Plia

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Your work is outstanding. I have rarely seen better. I could go on for days and write volumes but I shall end it now with, it has been an honor to view your work.

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I've been on a very long web-search looking for cool artwork today, and just discovered Craig Mullins stuff.

Oh. My. God.

Yes, there are other talented artists out there, but this man is absolutely, mind-blowingingly heads-and-shoulder above everyone else that I've seen. Top-tier, top-notch talent. I can't fathom why I haven't heard about him before, because EVERY DAMNED piece of his work is too good for words. He's prolific, he's brilliant, and if I ever have anything to say about it, he's going to design my movie someday.

I mean, everyone else oughta hang up their paint brushes, because Craig has a monopoly on imagination right now.

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oh my god, this is soooo beautiful,youve gat some skill!! whatever its yust freaking great( remainds me of the lord of the rings)

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What a beautiful manipulation of the technique! Your work is incredible...
I almost drown inside of it at first look =)

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the triangle of this pic its gaive very good view

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Wow, I never seen image like this one! It's so good. RESPECT!

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d00d, wow... i RLY love this picture, you are so very awesome... This is just... incredible, amazing...

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This painting looks like it could be forty feet tall in real life. Great work.

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SALTY! Nice work, I love how you did the light and the castle! Rock on * *

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I am trying to relocate my jaw.. I can hear the sound, almost.. yes, the roar and the light! Amazing lighting!

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I can't seem to stop commenting about your work, heheh. This one blows me away. I thought it my be a concept piece for Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind until I scrolled down. I wouldn't want to be the ruler of that castle, it looks like he pissed off someone powerful...

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Your website is incredible, welcome to Epilogue, it's an honor to be in here with the likes of you.

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Wow! That's the best lighting I've ever seen.
What is this done in? Oil? Acrylic?

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this is just freakin' incredible skill! love the detail in the bottom, and the light of the top! top-notch work craig! great job! Laughing out loud

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That is just just such a dramatic scene.the scale of the castle and the clouds are just wicked.FANTASTIC

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Great work Craig,like all you have posted and looking forward to seeing more...

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I must say; this must be one of the most impressive images I have ever seen, and that's not bad, figuring how many thousands I've looked at. I wish I could post something more creative, like discussing your technique, but, alas; I am not a painter myself, and as such I can say little more than what great a picture this is.

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man... wordless...just GD wordless... this is spectacular!

Art at its best.