Pumpkin Dealer by doog

Pumpkin Dealer

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Added: Jun 02, 2003
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With this piece I was trying to work in what I felt was a traditional faery tale style. The drawing is made with watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil.

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Glad I discovered another site with your lovely work. Do you really have zero experience? I love your work so much.
(Discovered you through Deviant Art).
Keep up your wonderful work! greets Nancy

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Thanks Victoria - Froud is one of my favourites.

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Awww.. it's so cute! Such a nice little scene. I like the disgruntled little faun. The colors work nicely. Almost reminds me a bit of Froud.

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Simply beautiful!

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Persephone - You know just what to say.
Thanks. Larry

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I love all your work with a passion but may I say that never,anywhere have I seen more beautifully painted trees...I am enthralled by everything you do but your trees make my soul sigh...absolutely gorgeous!(persephone)

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Thanks Iris

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I adore your work.. Always have when I first saw your site a few years back.

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Those trees are superb! Deserves Editor's Pick for sure. You are so good at these structures/textures. I admire your talent. Arthur Rackham meets Froud but in a totally original way. Wow. I wish I could do this. You are now one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing.

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James - they are definitely on their way to the goblin market Smile I'd love to paint that one but the idea is just so big that I haven't quite got it narrowed down yet.

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Kort - that's a great idea. I'll have to get some photos up there. The escarpment is a very magical enviroment.
Socar - hey, you could always commission a piece Wink
Christopher - thanks you sir.

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What a unique faery tale style you have. gorgeous work.

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What a shame you already sold it--I'd have loved to own it, myself. Wink Post more art soon!

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If I had to pick a favorite that you've posted here at Epilogue, this would be it. Post some more soon please! I love your work.
ps. Include a few photos of the "Niagra Enscarpment" area on your website so we can all see the inspiring landscape in which you live. 8^)

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Thanks again everyone. Meredith, I get the darks by using sepia watercolour first as a sort of under drawing and then fill in the holes with colour. Sepia is nearly black when used at full strength. I think it looks a little warmer than using black ink the way so many illustrators did in years past. I think many of them must have thinned down their ink so as to avoid a dark black line which can really over power a picture if you aren't careful. Winsor Newton Sepia Watercolour.

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Lovely use of green, Larry. And it has the magic of Lee and Froud's work.

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On the way to the "Goblin Market" I assume! very well deserved Editor's Pick, Larry! a great piece of imagination and talent!...can't wait to see where you go from here, my son!

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Larry, how do you get your watercolors so dark? And where's the goblin market picture? Smile

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Socar, thank-you so much. I sold this one last year at Gencon. It went to a good home Smile

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WOW! What a neat idea...and beautifully executed to boot! I could just stare at this for hours!

Art at its best.