No Quarter by doog

No Quarter

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Added: Jun 05, 2003
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This one is watercolour with some coloured pencil for added texture.
I quite enjoyed drawing the little band of soldiers huddled together, where all you see are their helmets, spears and shields. I have tried to find other ideas where I can do it again but have yet to come up with any.

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rouncer's picture

they might win, you never know, they are just playing it safe, hes pretty big.

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Very nice and cute !!

doog's picture

Thanks Jeff - mirth and drama is a tough combination. Sometimes I get lucky.

thejeff's picture

you have codified a perfectly balanced personal style. i loved this in the spectrum book and relish works that can mix drama and mirth so deftly. inspired.

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I love this picture! Not only is your execution absolutely gorgeous, but the idea of this situation is so hillarious I had to give the links to my friends so they could see it, too. Your whimsy, beautiful technique, and humor are absolutely inspiring.

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Hiya, its Seikken again...

i love this pic! very beautifully done, and i laughed for ten minutes straight... my brother (who lives next door) came to see what was so funny... and giggled a bit (believe me... thats somethign rarely heard!)

and is that an arm sticking out of the monsters mouth?

doog's picture

You are right Gwydion. That critter is hungry but he's also mean.

doog's picture

Thanks Melassa- If I ever do a story book I will have to get you to write it for me Smile

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Hahaha! There's something oddly humorous about this picture. That's some great imagination and originality.

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.. picture that tells a thousand words. I think my favorite part is the way the beast has a distinctly evil grin on its face, cos it knows darn well it has them trapped. Or am I imagining it? Smile

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Hehehe. I couldn't help but die laughing when I saw this. It's got such a great style, like a realistic, goofy cartoon that has no actual words, just goofy sounds for talking, and they all do it at once, so it makes it even more confusing. I can see them all walking along, almost in the huddle, glancin around at the base of that cliff, chattering to themselves in that indestinguishable speech, when suddenly the thing's head comes out and *CHOMP!* AAAAH, THERE GOES HENRY! they all run up the hill and huddle there and look at the thing and wonder...just how in the Hell are they going to get down again??? It's absolutely amazing the textures you got across with the mixture of watercolors and colored pencils. I wish I could do half that good, but Watercolors just...don't like me. heh. I'd like to see more of this, like...a series of these silly guys, but I understand what it's like to get writer's block on something like this. heh. Perhaps they're going on a silly quest but, over time, they encounter strange things, and each time, another one of them gets chomped? heh. So that it dwindles slowely to only like...three or four. heh. Totally great, I love it. ^_^

doog's picture

Christopher - Thanks. Frazetta is definitely one of my all time favourites. I never get tired of looking at his work.

yrindale's picture

I too am reminded of Frazetta, maybe it's the muted tones and yet has that dynamic feel. You know someting's happening. Good work, I'm always impressed by anyone able to work with watercolor to such an extent.

twopynts's picture

This is one of your best, I just love everything about it. I get the feeling that cliff could give way any moment and send the flying. Wonderful composition and idea.

christar's picture

This remins me of one of Frazetta's sketches, beautiful work.

Guest's picture

Hehe, that's so cool Smile. I love the little arm hanging out of the beasts mouth... he's a nasty thing! The composition in this piece is also very well done. I love the colors too.. this piece is quite amazing.

feral's picture

Great work!Fantastic coloring as always.
I like those little details you add-like that soldiers hand hanging from lizard-things maw.

doog's picture

Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. Comments such as these are almost as good as a paycheque Smile

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Excellent, and so wonderful humorous.

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Steve, with so many artist out there doing cool stuff,it can be pretty difficult to have new concepts. This exceeds that in its comp and its humor all in one. Excellant!!


sferris's picture

Excellent! I love it!
I love when people pull off a great concept!


roelabool's picture

I agree with Stan, great composition that sets a LOST FEELing MOOD especially with the choice of technique and colors. Great job, I was totally taken in.

somerset's picture

FANTASTIC, Larry! this really catches the imagination! the band of soldiers is inspired, you can almost feel the tension in this little bunch of comrades! and that monster's a real fright! as usual beautifuly done in watercolour, your texture work is just a dream!

swisnie's picture

Larry, this is one of the best compositions I have ever seen! Fantastic!!

Art at its best.