Rapunzel by doog


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Added: Jan 06, 2004
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Rapunzel has just been handed over to the witch. This is the first day of her long ordeal

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zandman's picture

Great piece!
- and @swisnie is right: it's very reminiscent of Froud's work - but not too much. You still have your own, unique style.

Guest's picture

this poor girl looks like she's about to be stuffed into a pie.

Guest's picture

ganda talaga panoorin ang repunzel!!!!!

doog's picture

Thanks Kirsi

kizalon's picture

Brilliant. I really can't say nothing more... Smile congrats for Editor's pic!!

Guest's picture

I love Rapunzel's expression. This has always been one of my favorite fairytales ... did you do this for a book? I would love to get a copy if so...

doog's picture

Thanks - I was messing with the proportions a bit here, especially on the witch Wink.

Guest's picture

Wonderfull, exactly how I pictured this Fairy Tale, but Rapunzel seems slightly out of proportion next to the witch and in her oversized clothes...They make her look like she has no legs...and oddly, I like that aspect of it! Smile

doog's picture

Thank-you Svetlana. I do like to try and keep things rather simple and less cluttered if possible. I believe that a strong design will help you to tell your story more effectively. This however, is much easier said than done.

doog's picture

Thanks. I never get tired of doing witches.

bladeofgrass's picture

sorry Smile

Guest's picture

Amazing image! every time i see it i am stunned ^_^ flawless colors and texture. especially i love Rapunzel's face, so childish and gentle and rosy Smile and what more: someone on your place wouldn't resist the temptation to make the sky more detailed, with great clouds and all, because the sky takes much space in the picture. but you didn't ^_^ and that's great bacouse otherwise the image would be really busy Smile you know when to stop - that's

Guest's picture

sloppy me, haven't even noticed this one! Larry, your witches are simply superb, and this one is REAL good! love her expression! Laughing out loud

gordillo's picture

Stunning gallery Larry.

Guest's picture

Oh my god it's so fantastic. I love little repunzel's coat and the way her eyes are all red. I especially like the texture of both her and the witches hair. I feel so sorry for her. I wanna help!!

*runs of crying*

ursulahusted's picture

Nice yummy textures in the background, and such expressive figures. Thanks for sharing!

doog's picture

Thanks Patrick.

megaflow's picture

Another fine piece, top to bottom. Your use of varied yet subtle colors is most distinctive!

Guest's picture

Fantastic! I love the scale

doog's picture

Thank-you kindly James, it's much appreciated.

somerset's picture

Fabulous, Larry! you convey a story so beautifully! marvellous colours and details, done with such style!

doog's picture

Rebecca - Thanks, Rapunzel is not going to have a good time, but the prince is out there Wink

doog's picture

Marley, thanks. I was wanting Rapunzel to be looking at the viewer as though we are her last chance for a rescue. She has been crying, but there is a glint of hope, soon to be dashed. We don't mess around where a witch is concerned.

doog's picture

Thanks Stan. B.F. is one of my core influences, there's no getting away from it Smile

goddessart's picture

You are just so damned good - I never tire of your work...poor Rapunzel...

thrax-1's picture

That is incredible work.Everything from the technique to the story narration works wonderfully here.great work!.

swisnie's picture

Larry, your work is great. I like the muted, grey bakgrounds and the exaggerated characters, Reminds me a lot of Brian Froud.

doog's picture

Peikko - Thanks, it's good to be back.

doog's picture

Ken - You are too kind brother. Thanks a ton.

Guest's picture

i was almost saddened by your long (to me) absence from epilogue; great work for the year's start... keep it up!

Art at its best.