The Face of Medusa by maery

The Face of Medusa

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Added: Jun 08, 2003
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Here, before you look a little background history On Medusa:
Medusa was on of the three Gorgon sisters. They were daughters of ancient Sea Gods, Ceto and Phorcys. Two, Stheno and Eluryah were immortal, but the third, Medusa was not. Medusa was actually a very likeable character, she had been a female of absolute beauty, mostly her long, silky hair. She bragged at being more beautiful than the Goddess Athena, and one day, while in her temple, she was ravished by the Sea God Neptune. Athena was outraged by this and turned Medusa into the Gorgon she became famous for being. She turned her beautiful hair into snakes and let it be that she could no longer see the handsome men who came to court her, as they would instantly be turned to stone if they looked into her eyes.

Gotta love those Greek Gods, eh? Well, I tried to capture Medusa in this portrait: the face that is both sad and beautiful, and the coiling snakes she wore for a mane of hair.

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love the pic its soooo
pretty nd hot
love it

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This reminds me very much of a one-act play I was in...and looks a little like the actor who played Medusa! Lovely, lovely work. Thanks much, love.

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I got a real different story, try at I'm uploading it when I come back from the DVD stores. Be sure to let me know what you think! --darkou

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It was her beauty that kept men coming because if she was that pretty why didn't the men return. It was also Athena that told Persus of how to kill her and not to look in her eyes, other men did not know that is where modern stories go wrong. I know they get confusing I am still working on linking all of them together for my master degree. I love the picture by the way love the way the greens blend with the browns and you used plain green snakes.

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Wow... this is absolutely gorgeous... and the expression is perfect. Beautiful work, here!

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Very beautiful...

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I bet she got problems getting a haircut Wink
lovely rendering.

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Man, she's pretty... I must say you create gorgeous girls Maerianne, eventhough I know I mustn't but just can't resist to stare at them. See, I think Medusa created those warning herself, so people gets more inresisble. BTW, if no one ever came out alive from her, who delivered the words anyway, it must been her work all along.

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Lovely watercolour, Maerianne! marvellous rendering of those snakes, even if she was beautiful, she must have been an eerie and terrifying sight! I think you've caught that feeling perfectly!

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Odd, i know a different story from the one you said, but there are more or less likely tons od stories! Well which ever story is true, that picture of her is beautiful! Only one thing to say: DONT LOOK INTO HER EYES! DONT! NOOO! Too late!
LOL, sorry had know what? I dont know if she was suppose to still be beautiful after her hair was turned in to snakes(as your story goes) but if she was then you did a wonderful job in capturing that beauty! Hehehe

Art at its best.