Spes: Roman Goddess of Hope by maery

Spes: Roman Goddess of Hope

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Added: Jun 08, 2003
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I was doing some research on Encyclopedia Mythica for inspiration an english project when this girl hit me. Well, a descriptions of her that consisted of 'Spes was the Roman Goddess of Hope. She was usually portrayed as a young girl holding a flower and a Cornicopia. She has domain over vegetable markets.' After that, I had to draw her. Our subject was 'Hope' and I had just found my muse. So, here she is.

I went for a bold, cooler, abstract background and kept the figure rendered more realistically and in a warm palatte. I was hoping to create the idea of a living, breathing Goddess against a colder, stark reality. I gave her lilies because the Greek God of Hope, Elips was always depicted holding lilies. I figure it would be a nice little nod to him if she carried them too. I made them pink of the promise of love, happiness and friendship, her frock white for divinity and purity, her skin a warm ochre/sienna for youth and life, and her cornicopia filled with all the colours of vegetables for fertility, abundance and growth. I also made the Goddess pregnant to add a more 'humanistic' quality to this protrait of a God, that and I like the idea of her being pregnant. I felt that new life carried within the Goddess of Hope was a nice statement and apropriate.

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Nice pictures and I appreciate your comments. Deep thinking here!

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Beautiful image, I love your comments about your work.

Art at its best.