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Briar Rose

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Added: Aug 10, 2003
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This illustration, based on the brother Grimm's fairy tale, Briar Rose (also more commonly know as Disney's Sleeping Beauty)shows the princess after she pricked her finger on the spindle, and has fallen into her cursed magical 100-year sleep, as the thorn rose-bushes consume her castle.

Originally in the tale, the king upon the birth of his daughter, Briar Rose wishes to invite the 13 wise-women of the town to a dinner held in his daughter's honor. Unfortunaly, he only has 12 golden plates with which to honor them, so he doesn't invite one of them, thinking she would not notice. 11 of the wise women who show up bless the child with many things, Beauty, Obideince, Compassion, ect. Then the thirteen wise-women comes in uninvited and annouces that Rose shall prick her finger on the spindle and die on her 15th birthday. The last wise-women who has not yet bestowed her gift, changes the curse (for such an evil curse could not be completely un-done) to have the princess fall into a deep 100 year sleep to be awoken by a prince, which she will marry.

Of course, even thought the King orders every spindle in the kingdom to be broken and burned, Rose managed to find one on her 15th birthday and pricks her finger, setting the curse in motion.

Here, Briar Rose sleeps, awaiting her prince charming.

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I love it completely my favorite fairy tale of all time (Grimm's) and it looks like one of the drawings in my hard back copy of the story but she looks so much more real. You have done the story well with this drawing.

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Awsome work it looks great. Love the detail.

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Lovely interpretation of the famous tale, Maerianne! marvellous pencil work and great details!

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Lovely work - especially on the roses and her! Awww, how I used to worship this fairy tale... ^_^

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I love the way you posed her. that rose sticking out gives it a comical relief to the picture (to me anyhow)... This was done in pencil right? Lovely artwork, she has a very nice face too... very oval - madonna-like...

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Very lovely, great detail Smile

Art at its best.