Friendship or 'Rex et Regina' by rita

Friendship or 'Rex et Regina'

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 15, 2004
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The little Elfprincess Regina enjoys life with her friend Rex at their secret place.
Nu-Pastel & Pastel-Pencils on Velour-Paper 14,2 x 18,9 inch.

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rita's picture

Lieben Dank, Markus. Das freut mich wirklich!!

markus-beer's picture

Klasse! Das ist doch genau mein Ding! Bilder wie dieses lassen Kinderaugen leuchten. Durch das Velours-Papier hat das Bild auch eine sehr schöne, weiche Optik.

rita's picture

Walt, your comment just makes me happy Smile I also think, frogs are such cuties...
At the moment I am working at some portraits, but already having some more complex paintings in mind. THANK YOU!

baylessiii's picture

I love Rex! I've always thought frogs were so fun and this guy looks like he's really that girl's buddy. Very nice pencil work too. I hope you've got some more on the way, Rita.

rita's picture

Oh thanks a lot! And I was so afraid to do him Wink

baileyaya's picture

Wonderful! The frog has so much personality somehow.

rita's picture

Thank you very much Jennifer - first I thought I will put all kind of butterflies around her, but then decided just to paint kinda a "necklace" of butterflies...

jensingleton's picture

This is one of my very favourites of yours. I just love the beautiful shine in her eyes and that sweet smile! The glittering butterflies are stunning. Wonderful work, Rita!

rita's picture

Ach Rita, du verstehst mich halt... Smile Vielen DANK !

cariad's picture

*hüpf* und schon war der freundliche Rex um die nächste Ecke verschwunden, aber er hatte seine kleine Freundin auf seinem Rücken mitgenommen und so strebten sie neuen Abenteuern entgegen Smile

rita's picture

Dani, thank you very much for your nice comment. I love this little girl Smile

daniela's picture

this is so nice!

rita's picture

Nicole, well I thought I cant do his skin as I had in my mind. So THANK YOU very much for your nice comment!!!

gryphon's picture

Very cute! I like the frog the best, actually - I'm surprised you were afraid of drawing him!

rita's picture

Oh thank you so much Missy Saar - your comment makes me happy Smile

fluffiku's picture

The colors are beautifully blended and the piece itself is very bright and joyful. Your work with pastels is amazing!

rita's picture

Marilyn, thank you so much for your kind words. Your unicorns sure are wonderful - with which medium you ever do Wink

blueunicorn's picture

Love your new piece! Kudos on working with pastels....I sure couldn't!

rita's picture

Thank you very much Karsten!

grobi's picture

Really sweet... Smile ...

rita's picture

Thank you Julia - for your nice comment. The girl is my daughter, when she was 4 years *proud is* Wink And I used hard pastels, so, I had more controll.

julchen's picture

This is such a lovely picture! The girl's face is adorable! Some time ago, I had to paint with pastels in school and I remember the mess it became (probably more color on my hands than on the paper). So, my respect for working so well with them - especially concerning the detail!
Oh, and btw. thank you for commenting in my gallery Smile

rita's picture

Simon, thank you so much for your nice comment! I started with the girls face - last thing was the frog - as I really was afraid of doing him... Wink

Guest's picture

You did this with pastels? Amazing. I wouldn't know where to start.

rita's picture

THANK you Lindsey, that is what I had in mind - just a peaceful painting. Makes me happy, that you had so much fun seeing it!

Guest's picture

This is a lovely picture, very well done. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing it, because it made me happier just looking at it!

rita's picture

Again THANK YOU Scott for your nice words. After the next ones (who are in mind and HAVE TO BE drawn) I may paint something dark... Wink

sdavis123061's picture

A very charming image and very nicely rendered Rita. Smile

rita's picture

Toni, this gives me the chance to say THANK you again Smile *lol*

rita's picture

Toni, thank you so much especially for commenting the frog, because I realy was afraid of painting him wrong. So I am happy! you like him Smile

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