Phoenix Dreams by rita

Phoenix Dreams

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 09, 2005
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The little bird has the ambition of one day becoming a legendary Phoenix, and making a nest out of the little magical "fire sticks" that the humans are forever throwing away, is her way of achieving this dream somehow.

Pastel pencils on velour paper.

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rita's picture

Leona, what a wonderful comment, thank you so much! Arn't those birdies just too cute??

Guest's picture

Rita I saw your comments on all the other artist's work, and I thought "She MUST be great. She seems so charismatic(sp?)!" So I checked out your gallery. Smile This little guy reminds me so much of the tattoo of a sparrow I have on my wrist. So beautiful, and I love the subtle blue's and the 'feathery' design. He's such a cutie; I'd never want to put him in a cage.
Beautiful work. Smile

rita's picture

Thank you so much, Forest. Yes, he is a charming little "person"

forestrogers's picture

Oh, I love him, Rita!! Wonderful idea, living execution... speaking as a bird person, he's perfect!

rita's picture

Raine, THANK you so much - I just had to draw this little birdy...

rainesz's picture

your little story behind this baby phoenix is very inspiring! Such nice detail with pastel pencils! And very cute, awww...

rita's picture

Constanza, thank you so much - and I agree, looks like a content little happy birdie Wink

faerywitch's picture

You are so talented! this is a lovely picture to go with such a lovely and original story! It made me smile so much! look at her face! She looks so content!

rita's picture

Aw, rainyday woman - this is such a great compliment. It tells me, that my painting touch not only your eyes, but also your heart! THANK YOU !

Guest's picture

for some not quite apparent reason this painting makes me want to cry. it is astoundingly moving! i have seen your great comments on other peoples work and i am very impressed.

rita's picture

Thank you so much Donna - makes me so proud, that you like my work Smile !!

donnaquinn's picture

This is so sweet. I really like the little downy feathers poking out here and there, and the smouldering matches at the bottom. The beak and eye are very well-done too.

rita's picture

You are welcome Elena - I think dreams are important to everybody... ? !

elenav's picture

she's so sweet, with those fluffy baby-bird feathers (don't know hot to call them). I love the realism that makes so vivid the thought of her dream. Thank you for this touching piece.

rita's picture

What a neat idea - then it will be the very first Peter-Pan-Phoenix Wink

penrose's picture

Ah! Too cute! I don't want him to ever grow up and become less fluffy Smile

rita's picture

Uwe- thank you so much - makes my day. Well, the red background reminded me on fire - and from this to a Phoenix was just a second... But got help with the idea of firsticks...

j-art's picture

How did you come up with such an outstanding original idea??? – this is just superb!!!
Oh and the rendering of baby phoenix is extremely well done, great work on the feathers – my congrats to a very silent but extremely deep piece of fantasy art – I LOVE IT!!!!

rita's picture

Thank you very much Guest - well, guess we all have our dreams... Smile

Guest's picture

Fantastic idea, the thought of a bird with higher dreams is so original! beautifully painted too, so real.

rita's picture

Weny, thank you so very much for your lovely comment and making my day!

Guest's picture

Lovely detail work...he has a lot of personality and I like the little backstory. *smiles*

rita's picture

Thank you Laura, I had help with the words though...

brighnasa's picture

So lifelike. And what a cute story!

rita's picture

Tom, you are too kind. Hope is, what the world needs... So glad you like it, and funny, if a friend had not told me to submit it here, I never would have thought of it Wink

portalrun's picture

Really nice Rita, I think its one of your best in your gallery, and the concept is great, it repersents hope,believe, and dreams..great job!!

rita's picture

THANK you E.D. - everybody likes little birdies... Wink

siffert's picture

So cute! Love the concept. Smile

rita's picture

Thank you so much Rita! Manchmal ist Epi noch voller Überraschungen Wink Das mit den Entchen tut mir so leid...

cariad's picture

The baby phoenix looks so friendly. Oh, and I like all the matchsticks beyond his feet.

Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, aber wenn ich ehrlich bin, hätte ich nicht damit gerechnet, dass gerade das Bild von Epilogue akzeptiert wird ... Irgendwie malst du viel detailreicher Smile Ich find' das Vögelchen total süß. Bei uns sind vor kurzem leider 2 ganz kleine Wildenten in einen Kanal gefallen und trotz vereinten Kräften haben wir sie nicht retten können ... sogar vom Kanaldienst waren 2 ganz liebe Männer da, aber wir haben sie einfach dann nicht mehr gefunden und es schien als ob sie schon irgendwo in der Kanalisation verschwunden wären ...

Art at its best.